first steps

  1. C

    Starting a journey

    Hello all! I'm starting to build a group of IM sites after lurking here some time. I have started a drop servicing site, IG, YT and TikTok as same niche. Have gotten so much from here now in few months and can't wait what is to come! Thanks for everybody <3
  2. ryanbrosas

    Hello from the other side.

    Hello, my name is Ryan, I am so interested to start my career here on the Internet or as a Freelancer, But I don't know how to start I even studied a lot like Photoshop, SEO, Web Development and UI / UX. I am very pleased to be with here in BHW. Any Advise will do thanks :)
  3. autodream

    ongoing journey to autoblogs

    so far i have made auto blog 2 weaks ago . i pull rss feed and post it formatted with fixed content and general key words with the source link in each post automatically. it has 1000 post now .the indexed pages 65 pages i have problems 1- my posts does not exist in google first pages, how to put...
  4. A

    A New BHW member

    Hi Guys. i'm an economics student, last year in college, i love tech even that my knowledge is limited. i'm trying to learn some thing that can make me earn some money cause I AM BROKE at the moment . So i would appreciate any kind of support , i'm not asking for charity i just need some one to...
  5. Kai Escalade

    Mental and financial awakening to $75 a day till July

    Firstly, my English... I would not be sorry for it as I took in my life an effort and learned more than my native language. If my English makes you nervous, close this thread, listen to some calming music :D. About Me It is really strange what I want to tell you. Year and a half ago I started...
  6. Santino Lucien

    Newbie BHW Learnings - A Diary to Follow

    Hi friends, this is some kind of diary about my learnings here at BHW. I'm writing this partly for myself to keep on learning an to recap what i read here. I'm from Germany so excuse my language :). TWO NOTES 1. I would love to connect with some german speaking guys as well. Kind of hard to...
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