firefox proxy plug-in

  1. M

    HOW to safely log in to different Facebook accounts?

    Hi there, I am in need of help for safely logging in to many different purchased Facebook accounts. I believe that many people on here must be aware of methods to do this and if you are willing to share on here or PM then I will appreciate this so much. At the moment, I am burning through money...
  2. mrgrim

    FireFox Extension for opening links

    Hey Guys/Gals Im looking for that firefox extension that opens multiple text file links in new tabs/windows. I can remember the damn name and a Google search didn't help any ideas?
  3. ch8878

    IE vs FireFox what should I use ?

    I been using IE for years and I heard about Foxy Proxy and know want to know does Foxy Proxy work good because if does I will swich to FireFox ! Also let me know whats the best plugins for blogger and more !
  4. K

    Firefox Proxy Add-on Question

    Even though I installed the Firefox proxy plug in and the status box of the plug-in reads "using ABC proxy", when I use any of the self checking IP tools, they still show my IP address, not a proxy address. Can anyone help me...till now I actually thought everything I was doing for 2 days was...
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