1. P

    How To bypass Proxy Block

    Hi Everyone; Please does anyone know how I can Bypass Proxy Block on an offer wall in an app game I have tried 4G/5G mobile proxies it seems to unblock every websites but not this site, I have made sure my dns is not leaking But for some reason I still get Block for using Proxies Can anyone...
  2. A

    OPSEC issues - please help

    So basically I just needed to know a couple things. I understand that when you clear cookies, cache and history etc and change IP with socks you are like a new person browsing which is the goal. However, it has also crossed my mind that there is DEVICE ID and Javascript fingerprinting. To get...
  3. noellarkin

    PaleMoon Browser: Manage Multiple Account Profiles, User Agents, Evade Fingerprinting

    I've been looking for an alternative to Mozilla Firefox (it gets more and more bloated with each update), and MultiLogin doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. I came across PaleMoon and it's literally the perfect browser for SEO persona management. I've shifted all my profiles to...
  4. ElitePower

    [Free Starter Package] Incogniton - Manage multiple unique browser profiles without detection!

    Incogniton V2 Now available: A multiple browser environment management tool with unique fingerprint protection for each browser profile. 1 year 20% discount for BHW members. Are you an online entrepreneur who needs to manage multiple accounts on social media networks such as Facebook...
  5. partall

    What's the best plugins you use for Canvas, fingerprinting and proxies?

    Interested to know what plugins you guys use for altering your canvas, fingerprint and using proxies? I been through loads, but can't seem to use one is perfect.
  6. EternalFun

    Firefox portable SHIELDS 100%?

    Hi, is firefox portable equipped with socks5 proxy + webrtc extension TOTALLY shields social networks like Fb as well as google to sniff any fingerprint and user agent smell? Multilogin app is bit pricey at the moment so that's why wonder if firefox portable FULLY shields the IP address and...
  7. D

    My scalable browser automation & antidetection platform, Your idea/process

    Hello, I am an automation programmer, sysadmin, cloud/security veteran. I have made I setup that allows me to run a couple dozen thousand browsers (can be scaled to your needs) that look to websites as humans (I usually run accounts on this with various complex UI actions), anyways I've made...
  8. A

    Will This Defeat Fingerprinting?

    The best advice - and most recent - I've managed to find so far about defeating fingerprint is : . Use Tor . Use VPN . Use Private Browsing. But I've been looking at 'amiunique' and 'panopticlick' and reading their material about just what fingerprinting is and somehow I doubt those steps will...
  9. rummblers

    Browser-Fingerprinting change

    We can do it best to change Browser-Fingerprinting?
  10. MileUnderMedia

    Looking for Android Developer - Facebook Illuminati Project

    Hello, I am in search of an Android Developer who has extensive experience with Xposed Framework/Dalvik/ART Please have some understanding of current Fingerprinting mechanisms used, because this is what we will be working against. PM for Skype Details: Thanks, ADL
  11. B

    Help needed in browser fingerprints, will reward handsomely

    I have learned that BHW is an absolute gold mine, but after everything, i have nowhere to turn but here. Please, can someone help me figure out how to defeat the browser fingerprinting of this site. I need it to recognize me as a unique user everytime i visit it. Trust me i have tried...
  12. J

    Need to defeat browser/device fingerprinting

    Like the title says...I have read up a bit about how this type of identification works, it appears quite hard to fool. I take surveys on a certain website and even though I change my IP address, the website can still identify me. How do I beat this?
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