1. Isabella Taylor


    Hello Connections, I want to create a feed or backlink from feedburner.com. So any one have knowledge about how to create a feed then let me know.
  2. N

    Migrate from feedburner to getresponde goal clickbank sales

    Hi guys, some years ago I had a blog in which I collected about 70 feedburner subscribers, I would like to take advantage of these to create an email marketing campaign to promote clickbank products, I think I have read that to migrate them from feedburner to Aweber, they (subscribers) will...
  3. F

    Feedburner PopUp Subscription Form for Blogger

    Hi can anyone tell me where can I find a Feedburner PopUp Subscription Form for Blogger for free? Thank you in advance!
  4. E

    Using FeedBurner to increase DA in 2018

    I've seen some old articles on how using feedburner is bad. One point was people take your content, copy and post it, and then outrank you. Another point was that google doesnt index the feeds.feedburner subdomain, so it has no effect as a backlink. I have seen high DA backlink in other...
  5. S

    Working with Feedburner ?

    Hello, I had activated email subscription long before on feedburner. But it use to send full blog post to my subscribers due to which none of them visit to my blog. Is there is any way with which I can send just few paragraphs of post only with link ? And I wanted to do all this stuff with...
  6. S

    How to stop FeedBurner Stop sending Mails

    I have Feedburner RSS. So whenever I write new post. It automatically sends mails to subscribed users. Does anybody know how to stop that. I do not want to send each and every post to my subscribed users.
  7. 1

    I need someone to write me a program

    Hello, I need a program to take email addresses from a text file or csv and automatically insert them one by one into a Feedburner box (the box Subscribe / Join the email). Also this program must be able to pass the captcha code called after each input an email address for that is needed to...
  8. N

    How to Increase feedburner count?

    Hi, Can someone tell me how to increase the feedburner count? If possible, please tell me a technique to increase them drastically? Thanks, Avinash
  9. K

    How to hack feedburner for showing more readers

    I am new to this blogging. I have a blog and inserted feedburner chicklet which shows number of subscribed readers on it. Most of the time i am getting 10 to 15 readers is there any ways to hack this and show more readers???:confused:
  10. lllaer

    Feedburner treat gmail two different account, or?

    Hi, everyone, I ve just set up my blog and wanna increase the number of my rss subscription. So I used gmail acount generator registrating a number of gmail account first, then manually subscribe my blog using each gmail account. And I found you can send two subscription letter to one gmail...
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