1. sohom

    [Wordpress/Php] Image Hosting script/theme (free, easy to setup, no plugin required)

    My Open Source Github Project/Repository URL : https://github.com/mediabots/Wordpress-Php-Image-Hosting-Script Wordpress/Php Image Hosting theme or script This theme dedicated to photo/image lovers. Now you can upload & share your beautiful moments with the help of this free wordpress theme...
  2. pranavd2008

    Getting a Blogger Featured on Sites Like Huffpost & Some Other Websites

    Guys I have a client/friend who is a travel blogger.He earns more than enough from his blog & got quite a following on Instagram Many of his what we say competitors/fellow bloggers got featured on Nat Geo,CNN,Huffpost etc. But till now He didn't & because of that he is losing some brand...
  3. NeamulHaque

    How to get FEATURED on Fiverr!

    Anyone can you help me Please How I can get FEATURED On Fiverr.
  4. ICT Blog's

    How to Track Your LinkedIn Content Engagements

  5. NamenloserHeld

    How can i link all my posts to the "featured image" orginal image url?

    Hi, i need a solution/plugin that can change the links of all my posts from my blog-overview to the orginalfile (jpg/png) of the featured image. Normaly its like: BlogPost (with Featured Image) > click > BlogPost with Content loads. I'm looking for a way that makes it do this: BlogPost (with...
  6. D

    How to move Spotlights/featured strips to other pages in wordpress?

    Hi, so here's the drill. What I want to do is have 2 landing pages. The idea here is that the clients will be getting an equal amount of leads. I want the landing pages to be identical in design, I'll simply edit the info for the relevant dentist then on each page. I'll use a redirect script...