fb monetization

  1. B

    Question about Facebook fan page building and monetization

    Hey guys, Some years back, I got in touch with a guy who had big FB groups and was feeding them viral videos that used to redirect to a video portal of his, monetized with AdSense. I remember that at the time FB was already taking measures against such schemes. He used to make between $5K-6K a...
  2. Chibueze2000

    Fb page monetization

    Fb page monetization Hello guys, i have search on different platforms on ways to monetize my fb page but seems all the working methods are now outdated...i have a huge fb fan page that i would like to monetize. ps: affiliate marketing or dropshipping will not be a good idea cause it's not...
  3. Jeffery_123

    How to make money on fb ?

    anyone knows? Why do people upload on fb anyways? There’s gotta be a way to get paid from that shit, anyone knows?