fb marketing

  1. mastertanvir

    [METHOD] Create multiple fb accounts using one phone number

    In this method, You need to create a email account first. That email will be used to create new facebook account. Facebook is much intelligent today. It doesn't accept 10 minute emails. so you have to create microsoft, google or microsoft email. While creating, don't add phone number on emails...
  2. AllExpert

    Looking for experienced FB (BH) ads marketer

    Need an experienced facebook paid BH ads marketing expert. Marketing niche Crypto. Good understanding of Cloaker is a must. Let's discuss further details in PM .. Thanks
  3. Tanay Kumar Das

    How To Gather Leads or Do Email Marketing From FB?

    Hi, All , This is my first post in this forum. Today I am going to discuss ways to get leads from Fb. We all know that Fb is one of the biggest platform in the world to monetize yourself but it should be done in the other way round. In this plat form there are many groups related to a niche...
  4. alexel

    Targeting "Teatox" Customers On FaceBook

    Rolling out a teatox offer, tapping into fb business has been a journey. Mostly been running on native and adult, fb's targeting features has been overwhelming. So I haven't quite narrowed down the audience, so the presell page that I've been so fortunate enough to run with the last week has...
  5. stanleyX


    THANKS TO BHW... Have gained a lot from this community, is now time to share secrete. step 1- Sign Up OGads step 2- Request Products step 3- Join so many FB Group, Post and share your LINK Believe Me this method works, NEWBIES... You can start from this!!! THANKS!
  6. D

    Need someone to grow Instagram and FB acct and drive traffic to site

    I am in a specific niche and need an expert to grow the accounts on FB and IG to drive traffic and sales to the e-commerce website. You need to constantly publish engaging content in relation to the product and run promos etc. Product may be delivered to u for the purpose above. It's a...
  7. Michael Bucket

    Facebook ads account disabled one after the other.[please help]

    I have clothing store on shopify and i started with fb ads and the next day my ads got disabled. It says your products are not supported or something like that. So what should I do? Please suggest.
  8. kleinerwauwau

    More profit with niche site through fb adverts

    So after fred killed a few sites more or less I just wanted to create some natural social signals by promoting a Post from my [nichesite] fb-page linking to an article on my affiliate page, it was about 5€ so I tried it. So now it looks like there's coming more traffic through, than I've...
  9. obadaalahmad

    getting about 9k shares to fb posts

    hi guys i am just new in facebook marketing .. but i yesterday a saw a guy on youtube making an approval to his way to earn money on fb .. despite the method .. that guy got around 8k shares to his post with only 22 hours .. with 180k reach and nothing paid !! he said that he used facebook...
  10. rccnls27

    Is there a guide here for ninja blaster for fb marketing?

    Hi I am planning to post my aff links on fb and planning to buy ninja blaster and I will make atleaste 20 fb accounts. Is there a guide for this? Please help!
  11. FormerBoxer

    Delete FB Pixel

    Hey guys, This is really bothering me. My facebook pixel is firing but doesn't show purchases when I do get them on shopify. I watched videos, hired someone to correct it and still have this issue with not seeing where the purchase is coming from. Please help!
  12. J

    Best Facebook Marketing Courses...

    Hello all, I would like to know which is the best Facebook marketing course. I am more interested in creating facebook ads and targeting to appropriate audience. I understand that if you know facebook tools well you can actually market to small group of very much interested people in...
  13. yaleinnovator

    Face Dominator: The "Number One" marketing tool review!

    I am in the process of purchasing Face Dominator: Facebook marketing software and wanted to ask experienced users on what their results were. I'm mainly interested in getting facebook fan page "likes" that is all. I want to know how many likes i can expect to get using the software's maximum...
  14. mojstermiha

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