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    Question about Facebook fan page building and monetization

    Hey guys, Some years back, I got in touch with a guy who had big FB groups and was feeding them viral videos that used to redirect to a video portal of his, monetized with AdSense. I remember that at the time FB was already taking measures against such schemes. He used to make between $5K-6K a...
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    Fb fanpage with 100 000 likes!

    Hello bhw, can anyone help me to buy a fb fanpage with 100k likes! How much does it cost with usa likes?
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    fb fan page official page?

    Hello, I want to create a official page in fb i have seen help page where i have gone through but didnt find the things in given help page can any one provide me the information. Thanks ali
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    posting Mylikes ad on facebook fanpage : Is it legal?

    I have a facebook fanpage with above 5k fans. I was looking at ways to monetise the page.I came across a thread in this forum which suggested to use mylikes. com. I wonder is it legal to use Mylikes on facebook fan page? what are the chances my fb page/FB account will be banned?
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    How to create FB Fan page tab

    I want to add some tabs to my fan page with or without WP plugins, but don't know how. Have anyone know or using it on their fan page, pls share it. will be very helpful, thanks