fb ads disabled

  1. D

    Business Manager Account

    Hello Everyone, Recently my personal FB account was hit with the "Your Advertising Access is Restricted" Ban. I have spent well over 6+ figs on my business manager and was stunned when I saw this. So I have a few questions for you BHW Folks. 1) Have you ever encountered this problem? If so how...
  2. slippery_jim

    How does FB review ads & decides to ban account?

    Hi guys, For the last few days, I had been running crypto-related ads with cloak and got stuck. I would like to discuss with you the algorithm that Facebook uses to review ads and decide whether they are going to be approved or not. First of all, I know that the issue is not a safe-page or...
  3. MGJ25

    Advert Account Disabled

    Recently my Facebook Ads Account has been disabled. I have a pending payment for the previous month (November) unpaid. My question is, will I get my money? Will Facebook pay me what I've earned?