fb account suspended

  1. D

    Looking to Buy FB Business Manager

    Hello Everyone, Recently my personal FB account was hit with the "Your Advertising Access is Restricted" Ban. I have spent well over 6+ figs on my business manager and was stunned when I saw this. So I have a few questions for you BHW Folks. 1) Have you ever encountered this problem? If so how...
  2. William702

    Who can help me get my Facebook account back?

    So as the title suggests I have a old Facebook account I need to gain access to. The account was mine and in my name, it was my real account. It was suspended a long time ago. I'm talking years ago. I thought until now that it was lost forever. However after reading some stories online I think...
  3. B

    FB Ad account

    Hi I am from a third world country , my country is banned from using fb ads i am a partner from us , we are working in a shopify store selling shirts my partner created the business manger account and the ad account , he add me as an advertiser to the account we launch our first ad then they...
  4. Great ruler

    facebook getting ban very quickly ? how to slove .

    1. when i create new accounts then add timeline and photos 2.few friend request 3. then my page other group with few seconds it asking id proof (it same for fresh and one year old too) Any way slove this problem
  5. S

    [How To] Avoid Facebook Account Banned

    Greetings, It's Monday. November 28. Holidays are near and we are discovering revolution. I'v learned EVERYTHING with BHW and now it's time to pay back to you brothers. Why your account have been banned on Facebook? You may say: - Dirty IP - Fresh account - To many requests sent in a short...
  6. G

    My Facebook AD Account was Banned. My ADs are for diet products; how should I cloak this?

    My facebook ads account was permanently banned. I am advertising my diet products. How do I apply for a new FB AD account, and how can i cloak my advertisement since I am promoting diet products (which are not allowed in FB)?
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