fb account disabled

  1. Accforads

    New 3 important timing How connect BM correctly

    According to my experience, which I want to share with you, there are three important points that you must follow when connecting a business manager to a profile in order to avoid blocking and other problems, and all of them occurred at the same time 1-Binding must take place after 24 hours...
  2. We're trying our best to give client better and better service day by day!!

    We're trying our best to give client better and better service day by day!!

    We're trying our best to give client better and better service day by day!! Bring clients good experiences!
  3. clo.king

    The best way to warm up your Facebook Ad account!

    When you start working on Facebook Ads, you should know that every step you take must be careful, so that Facebook doesn't disable your account. The most people who should beware are the people who don't have an ID of the accounts they are using. So I will explain to you exactly what you should...
  4. L

    Facebook banhammer: Pages and profiles

    I think that many advertisers can currently relate to this problem since the FB groups are full of it: Around one month ago, FB started banning all newly created pages, that were instantly running ads. Our solution was to use many external profiles, create pages with them and add these profiles...
  5. J

    Prevent ad account from ban due to "inactivity"??

    Hey guys! How do you prevent your backup ad accounts from being disabled by FB due to "inactivity"? I know that Facebook disables your ad account if you don't spend any money within a time-frame of 60-90 days. Any successful method of keeping your account active with the least amount of money...
  6. S

    Facebook Ads Keep Getting Rejected

    My ads keep getting rejected and I'm not sure why. I've read their Advertising Policy and Facebook doesn't even provide a reason for rejecting the ads, they just say "you're violating advertising policy. we reserve the right to reject any ads...." I've made sure not to include any personal...
  7. D

    fb flagged me and hates me lol

    I was using fb ads for years without any problems. I change my domain and fb disabled my accounts. I guess because it contains the word hentai... even it's saying anti hentai but I guess fb doesn't care. I made a new account and new business manager and again all banned. boommmm my business is...
  8. D

    Looking to Buy FB Business Manager

    Hello Everyone, Recently my personal FB account was hit with the "Your Advertising Access is Restricted" Ban. I have spent well over 6+ figs on my business manager and was stunned when I saw this. So I have a few questions for you BHW Folks. 1) Have you ever encountered this problem? If so how...
  9. Sp3ctrum

    Facebook ad account disabled- May be I can help you

    Hello guys, Facebook disabled your ad account and showing "Your ad account flagged for unusual activity". Most of the time if you can apply facebook in a correct way facebook will reactivate your ad account. But sometimes they asked for some additional information. If you need help you can ask...
  10. InstaNoodles

    Private FB account banned for copyright... Buy account?

    Hi guys, I did something stupid a while ago (posted two videos with copyrighted music) and my private account is lost now. I am banned for good and can't even create a new account. How can I solve this problem so I can make posts for my fanpages and network again? Can I buy an aged FB account...
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