1. xnerycz

    Changing a favicon - how long does it take?

    How long does it take for Google to change a favicon in the SERP? For some reason the hosting favicon (WPX hosting logo) is showing up there. This week, Google indexed all our pages, but the favicon set in the meta still didn't show up there. In Search console or third party tools or all...
  2. D

    Does anyone know how to implement favicon?

    Hi mate! there's a problem on my site on google side. Im using ip domain for my site like x.x.x.x , and it already indexed by google and showed on page 1 on google search. but unfortunately there's no favicon showed on my site on google page result, i already generate the favicon code using...
  3. D

    GET $50 if u can fix FAVICON on GOOGLE SEARCH MOBILE

    Hi, I have a site which is using domain ip (http://x.x.x.x./~abc *it's already indexed by google on page 1) , i already using favicon generator to generate the code for the favicon on https://realfavicongenerator.net/ , but still my favicon is not showing on google search mobile. it's been many...
  4. Digital SEO

    Favicon issue

    Hello! My website's favicon is not showing up in SERP?? what may be the reasons for this. Please explain. Thank you.
  5. crissdinesh

    Favicon on Web Version Google Search Results

    Hello BHW! Before Google, the DuckDuckGo & Yandex search engines had started to show favicon on search results. Then Google is also doing the same. Previously, it was for mobile version and now they rolled out for web version in this January 2020 core update. Next, is emoji's in URL (in...
  6. A

    Free Links for Your Favicon

    Hello. This directory gives you free links for your favicon: Faviconstyle Directory :feedback::feedback::feedback::feedback::feedback::feedback::feedback:
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