1. gullsinn

    FatCow Unlimited Hosting $1/Month! Limited Time Offer - Sale Ends This Week (DOGDAYS)

  2. gullsinn

    Fatcow Cheap Hosting With Domain

    I got an email in my inbox today. So I decided to share this image here, maybe this can help someone.
  3. G

    Problem w/ Wordpress installations in subdirectories.. pls help?

    sorry for being noob but here's my question.. So I recently bought a new domain from GoDaddy and have set up the name servers. My hosting is with FatCow, I already have a wordpress site on the root, so I installed another wordpress on a sub directory and have set up the domain pointers to...
  4. K

    Bluehost 3.95 or Fatcow for 3.67

    Been doing alot of research on hosting as of late and thinking about making the jump to shared hosting for various side projects. Has anybody used Bluehost or Fatcow? - Bluehost seems to have the edge with customer service and stability - Fatcow seems to be more affordable and more edgy...
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