1. M

    Spotify stream farming groups

    I'm seeking Spotify stream farming communities or servers to gain insights into the requirements for starting this practice. 1. Is streaming done via phones with proxy services? 2. Is a separate SIM card needed for each phone? I possess reliable proxies and around 10k stable Spotify accounts...
  2. M

    Spotify account generator

    Looking for Spotify account creator bot. Can be free account but should include password reset using IMAP catch-all email system. I have residential proxies, but maybe you have more advanced options. Or even better if you can provide 50k aged free profiles that are stable.
  3. krad01

    Google Ads Botting

    Long story short I got a friend who turned into an enemy and need to mess with him. How can I waste his daily google ad spend? I got access to the entire ads account I am just unsure where to send bot traffic to and how to obtain the ad link if there is one ad all.
  4. T

    Spotify Farming Guidance

    I hope everyone is doing fantastic on this fine Monday! I am looking to begin Spotify Stream farming and have started planning how things will work/the startup and the ongoing cost to keep things running...I have 5 Artists with a catalog of 20 songs each (Albums, EPs, and singles for each), a...
  5. BlackScaleMedia


    * Disclaimer: The word 'Safe Site' refers to one of the core features of our platform. Our system can generate 'Safe Sites' automatically. We only used the word 'Safe' with 'Safe Site', and for no other purpose.
  6. BlackScaleMedia


    We are giving away ONLY 1 review access of our Enterprise package for the approval of our BST. We would pick who we work with (not the Mods). Mods will monitor the DM. Requirements - 1. You have at least 300 posts on the forum 2. Has extensive Facebook ads knowledge including Black Hat, and over...
  7. superhaz

    Debate and Insisights in How to Account for Expense doing BH or WH with accounts Bought/Farmed in other Names

    I wanted to introduce this debate and insights in how the Marketers are accounting the Paid Traffic from Farmed/Accounts Bought. I could use my company details for several accounts, but i see a lot of people use Individual accounts and i dont understan how they add it as an expense to their...
  8. M

    I have 30 phones to Spotify farm, what’s the best possible setting? Ideas please

    Hi guys, I’m new to this website but kind of old into Spotify farming, with my ups and downs but pretty much out of luck, watching threads in here I’ve been able to see there are actually things I can do that will allow me to be more productive and consistent at Spotify farming, I have a set up...
  9. T


    Hi World Have anyone found a solution, why youtube stopped counting streams ? Please reply above if anyone know how to fix this .
  10. A

    Recently created FB Accounts getting banned

    What would yous suggest that the reason is for getting the new FB accounts suspended? This is what I did, please feel free to share youre suggestions, tips and guidance. DAY ONE 1. Created multiple profiles in MultiLogin and set each of them up with a proxy from Oxylabs 2. Ran the Cookie...
  11. N

    Farm FB Accounts

    Hey Guys, i have bought some facebook profiles but most of them were blocked. Now im looking to farm some accounts on my own. I know i have to use a antidetect browser and diferent IPs, what you else i need to do? Anyone already does this and have a step-by-step method?
  12. H

    Share your experience and journey with Crypto Affiliate Cloaking Campaigns

    Hello, I would like to know if Crypto Cloaking Campaigns have been successful for you especially with Google Ads and what mistakes you made. What keywords you targeted? What was your Safe Page / White Page about? Did you host safe page on VPS and used Wordpress? Did you do account and campaign...
  13. mateusaugusto

    Suggestions at my Facebook Account Farming structure

    I'm setting up a structure to farm profiles on Facebook, I would like you to analyze it and give opinions I also have some doubts when to farm - How does ID verification work for farmed profiles? - Can I use a temporary mobile number to create the account? - How do I release more spending...
  14. hdgh

    Farm to stream computer

    Except spotify which streaming plateform would you recommend ?
  15. S

    Professional and safe Stream Farm

    I´m looking for people that are familiar with creating a professional and well working spotify stream farm that brings a good income. Need to know what is the safest and best working method to generate a huge amount of streams on different Tracks (Probably in Playlists etc.) and a good Option...
  16. mona€o

    Switching over to Napster from spotify

    Me and my buddy generate quite alot of money from spotify stream farming. But we saw that Napster pays out way more than spotify does and i was wondering if its a wise decision to switch over or if we should stay on spotify? Can we trust napster and has anybody here gotten paid from them? And...
  17. zeldaisback

    Facebook accounts with mobile proxies!

    Hello guys, anyone working with this combo of multilogin and mobile proxies for farming facebook acccounts! i dont want to pay a mobile proxy for each session, that would be very expensive to manage. Instead i do ip rotation each time i change sessions to open other accounts. Anyone doing the...
  18. Noyz

    Tips for facebook ads accounts?

    Hi guys, I bought an aged account to try to advertise on Facebook. Do you recommend a few plug-ins in particular to avoid the ban? You advise me to change the original email and attach a mobile number? Any advice will be valuable. Thank you.
  19. ShashiKumaar

    Twitter Account Farming

    Hi BHW, Just started my Social Media Career would like my know more about Twitter Account Farming. How feasible it is with automation tools? Is Jarvee good enough? or my account would be kicked out for botting? Any source where I can get learn more here. Like Case Studies.
  20. onlyADULT

    Real Users PVA Facebook Accounts With Cookies

    Some proofs with accounts spendings: $2,000 - $150,000 Contact me on Telegram(main channel): cassshy Reviews copies are available for VIP-Juniors or veteran users only.
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