fake traffic

  1. umairseoexpert

    How to generate fake Semrush/Ahref traffic

    Hello BHW! I was wondering if anyone could share how to manipulate ahref and semrush traffic. I have seen some websites doing this and selling guestposts on those sites. Thanks.
  2. rajamsaad7

    How the hell is this guy getting 9% bounce rate??

    Also I was watching his traffic stats how is this possible can anyone suggest whats he doing? I have a travel blog of mine with DA more than 50 and good organic traffic how can I get adsense revenue any paid efforts like buying traffic that will give more outcome in adsense also How to get...
  3. S

    How to know if my website recieve Fake or Real Traffic

    Hello, Am using a paid subscription on a software that as they say, it will bring Real traffic to your website by sharing on social media and tweets and direct traffic. All i see in the software is the number of traffic that was sent to my website. How can i know if my website is recieving Fake...
  4. N

    Revenue through: News Site + Fake Traffic + 301 redirects + ads

    Hi everyone, I have a really good friend where I am also making business with from time to time... He showed my yesterday some of his sites, where he - created every day new content - booked some traffic on these pages (millions of visits) - added multiple different advertisement network ads...
  5. R

    can i fool youtube this way ?

    Hi I have monetized a youtube channel but it is slow-growing I have competitors with thousands of more views than me ! and I think they are using fake views/engagements to promote their channel I made research for about 1 month about youtube fake detection systems and privacy - and I also read...
  6. Android Tipster

    Adsense: Invalid Traffic

    I'm struggling to stop invalid traffic that comes to my website at a specific time every day. It's happened so frequently that this is the 2nd time Adsense has limited my ads. I have no clue who's sending it. Probably a competitor. any chance I could make it stop?
  7. Mirkogiovannetti

    where can I buy fake traffic?

    Dear, I am looking for a fake traffic seller. My Goal is to change the traffic indicator of ahrefs and other tools. I want my site to appear with a lot of traffic. Do you know any traffic vendors?
  8. S

    How To Block Bot Traffic From gammatraffic

    Someone is sending bot traffic on my site from trafficbot4free.xyz which redirects on https://www.gammatraffic.com/ this bot traffic tool. I have blocked this url in Google Analytics, Robots.txt, Disavowed in google search console, used cloudflare under attack mode. I have also set the firewall...
  9. B

    Help about sending fake traffic to Google Analytics!

    Hi google analytics I am trying to send fake traffic but I have only one problem. Session time goes to 0. I would appreciate it if the assistant who knows the way to upgrade. If desired, the fee is traded. THANK YOU :)
  10. Internet-Marketer

    How to Reduce CTR for Blackhat Traffic

    Hey, I am wondering how to reduce CPA offer CTR for blackhat traffic? I am using lander if I will buy junk traffic then it may not be click on offer button or link. Only get impressions for lander but not get clicks or impressions for reducing CTR. So, anyone can help me to reduce CTR and get...
  11. livwebbb

    Chaturbate Traffic Bot - Automatic Software + 1000 Viewers

    Hello brothers, Im looking for person who will build Chaturbate Bot ( Automatic Software ) or app or know how to generate people/viewers to room on chaturbate.com. I need about +1000 people in room ( registered users and anonymous ). I have 1GB/s internet speed, so this is not a problem. Also...
  12. JoshNosh

    Fake Google-referral Traffic

    Hi - new guy here! I joined specifically to ask this question: I have been offered google referral traffic (i.e. "/search?q=KEYWORD"). I was told that the traffic will be 100% human (I know this is not true - but the idea intrigued me). I see there are a number of different software packages...
  13. RawCash

    Any Online Site to Get Fake Traffic

    Hi guys, i have a new blog i'm trying hard to push and would like to know if there's any website to get fake traffic and if it's a free software you are aware kindly post the link. Thanks
  14. B

    Need a free cloud based traffic generator bot

    Is there any free cloud based bot to generate free traffic to my website?
  15. F

    please how can i get fake 10000 viewers on my blog for free

    please how can i get fake 10000 viewers on my blog for free? any body please help me
  16. seobats

    Bounce rate reduce

    Hello everyone, I have one query one of my clients is purchasing fake traffic for his website and website bounce rate is increase due to fake traffic. He asked me can I reduce the bounce rate. I know It's not possible because he was using fake traffic and It will definitely Increase bounce...
  17. salmangillanii

    Need Reviews On PANDA BOT

    Hi Guys, I was reading Matthew Woodward's Blog, while exploring his blog I got to know about PANDA BOT and its effect on CTR, Though I know its just a tactic to sell things that's why I'm here to explore neutral minds that anyone here who has good experience with PANDA BOT? Regards, Salman
  18. \/enom

    how to fake traffic referrer to facebook.com ?

    hello BHW; i want to convert url into facebook url , whenever it has a view traffic source should be shown as facebook.com ., like a twitter , every post on twitter gets converted into twitter's link ( t.co/ ), and whenever it clicked traffic source become twitter , how can...
  19. 20something

    Taboola/revcontent/out brain approval with fake traffic?

    If someone has tried taboola or similar platforms approval with fake traffic. I'm not talking about earning with fake Traffic. I'm asking , if that's possible because most approvals of the native ads are based on the views.
  20. H

    About Fake Traffic Generator

    Hi! what is your tool for inorganic traffic? of course this way is like blackhat because it boosts page views. I want to know what else are you using. I prefer the site that easily approves the submitted sites. im using otohits. please comment down below what websites or tool are you using for...
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