fake referer

  1. Kaine

    Best Fake Referrer Site

    Hi everyone, while commenting on another thread I came across a pretty promising site: fakereferer.com So I don't know if it's the best in the genre but you may be able to refer us to the best site, service or method (script) offering us a similar service. This kind of thing can allow to...
  2. Internet-Marketer

    Website or Fake Referral

    How do you make fake referral like advertiser cannot see real publisher's website? For Example: Publisher got lead from A website but want to show B website without leaking. I hope this is a clear example!!
  3. U

    How to fake referer?

    I wanna do Job posting method and send cpa link through email replies. How do I hide this from affiliate network? I think i have to cloak or fake referer? How to do this? Should i buy cheap traffic to lower conversion rate ? If so where? Thanks
  4. CynicalWize

    [Solution] Blank/Fake/Spoof Referrer

    Here is how to convert BlackHat traffic into WhiteHat traffic I've been looking for a long time for a solution to change the referrer from any traffic. Finally, I found fake-referrer.cf, where you can change the referer only with a link. Currently high authority sites/referrers such as...
  5. MikeFenton

    Custom Referrer Not Showing in Analytics

    Hi, I am trying to visit xyz.com with a custom referrer using python-dryscrape but it isn't working for google analytics. I mean every other analytics - piwik, clicky, server stats all of them show the referrer I am sending but google analytics shows it as direct. Any of you who have already...
  6. J

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc)

    Spoof/hide referrer for free (Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc) No ads & 100% free! Go to http://www.hidereferrer.com/
  7. andy2009

    Blank or Fake Referrer that is super super fast!

    I want to blank or fake referrer that is passed on when a popup/popunder script is executed. I have tried several methods but none work perfectly. The only methods I found so far that blank the referrer is the double meta refresh and and FORM post/get methods. When I check Analytics real-time...
  8. popzzz

    [TUT and CODE][UPDATED 2013] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referrer Script #2

    [TUT and CODE][UPDATED 2013]★★★ How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referrer Script #2 by popzzz and JohnsonDaniel via blackhatworld.com ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com This is a continuation from the thread by JohnsonDaniel (MIA last known post 9/6/2013 that I know of) [TUT and CODE][UPDATED...
  9. JohnsonDaniel

    [TUT and CODE][UPDATED 2013] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referrer Script

    This is an update to this thread, posted in 2011: [TUT and CODE]★★★ How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referer Any Offer, Fake Referrer Script In that thread there were two issues: 1. Some of the code resulted in junk being appended to the link if there were no parameters used. The code was...
  10. A

    [Question] How to customize the referrer?

    Hi all, I'd like to customize the referer. I have searche in the forum but customization is possibile only with a page where I can insert code. Example: traffic -> Site A -> Site B Now customizing the site A code I can create an automatic redirect to site B with referer as site A. I want...
  11. JohnsonDaniel

    [TUT and CODE] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referer Any Offer, Fake Referrer Script

    Here is a script I made for Content Lock Pro buyers which will provide Fake Referer functionality. I have decided to share with BHW for free - awesome for when you don't quite have the <cough> right <cough> type of traffic :) It will allow you to fake http referer when sending traffic. Spoof...
  12. enSo

    ezFaker:: Because your traffic source is your mothafucking traffic source!

    This is a nice and simple way to fake your referrers, since I saw some people are still struggling with that. Features: - fakes the referrer in all browsers - blanks the referrer if javascript is disabled - one install can be used for any amount of url's - encodes the url to ensure safe...
  13. B

    HELP ME! Test My Cloaking Tool, all you need to do is Click One Button

    Hi there Thanks everyone here for helping me develop my HTTP Referer mastering tool. Please go to this page: http://referer.us/http-referer-test.html and click the "Start Test" button, them Post your result below. It will test Hide HTTP Referer ability in GET and POST, and Spoof HTTP Referer...
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