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  1. gasak

    Beware of Facebook Ads Agency digiagencymarketing.com

    I'm writing this post today to share a recent experience I had with an advertising agency, digiagencymarketing.com which own by @Mr Felix I still have $204 balance in them but they shut down my campaign and said that my balance are running out. I ask them to refund my remaining balance but they...
  2. Gentle Mako

    Soon iOS 14 will affect all your ads....

    Did you guys hear what apple is doing with iOS 14??? Facebook warns Apple’s iOS 14 could shave more than 50% from Audience Network revenue CNBC article: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/26/facebook-apple-ios-14-could-cut-audience-network-revenue-in-half.html BTW this is not only for FB but...
  3. mainceaft

    Your post goes against our Community Standards again

    This is very annoying I can't post anything to my page anymore all my post got flagged automatically It's toke from me months to build that page even I create campaign to promote it recent days FB start blocking many of my posts , first yesterday they block post I put my domain on it , and...
  4. S

    Ingredients for viral? $10 stuff selling for $2+shipping.

    So my target is somewhat to achieve the success like a dropshipping website. Difference being 1) will use DHL- ground shipping (decent and faster tracking than Chinese ecom) 2) I'll be making the actual product..so better quality 3) What kinda marketing technique you would implement. Free...
  5. wacrofo

    [Journey] My Shopify Dropshipping Journey to $1000/day

    A Little Introduction A popular term used in the Mafia is " making your bones ", it means to establish achievement, status or respect. So let's just say that by this journey, that starts 13 April 2018, I'm aiming to make my bones in BHW. I'm a 22 years old guy, just graduated as a materials...
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