1. S

    Facebook Ads Cpa marketing tracking?

    Hey, I'm curious if anyone has a background on facebook ads and affiliate marketing (cpa marketing). I'm starting to run campaigns today. I'm curious about how tracking works. 1. Will the facebook pixel track conversions, age, gender, device,etc? 2. Should I use a 3rd party tracking software...
  2. Seoanytime

    *Facebook Pixel Targeting ADS*

    I am having my subscribers list instead of doing mail, can i able to provide targeting ads for the people from that particular list via facebook and instagram?
  3. Seoanytime

    How to run effective ad campaign?

    I found low competition keyword using google keyword planner on particular city and ran an ad campaign in that city itself in google and facebook for suggested bidding price. from google i got lot of impressions but none of them turned into leads. facebook just blocked my account and cannot able...
  4. Remyx

    FB Ads For Print On Demand Products. How to target professions + Interest?

    Hi everyone, I created this post to ask for an advice or to find a guide. I hope this is a right subforum. I am learning to sell POD products online. My design idea is simple: profession + interest/hobby like nurses who like sewing, police officers who like fishing, firefighter-fitness and so...