facebook traffic

  1. devinda

    Im Looking for Facebook Traffic

    Hi Im Looking for real Facebook group or page Traffic for movie site If You can provide me so let me know the rates and let discuss about this.
  2. DulalKisku

    JV for Quora Partner Program

    I do have 8 Facebook group with specific niche. And have massive active user. I can send traffics from the groups. I am interested to do JV with who have Quora partner program account. You post questions. Forward me answer. I will write answers on it, you can write it as well. I will share...
  3. B

    100k daily traffic on Adsense and 40-50$ income

    Hello guys, first of all i want to say sorry bcs of my language. English is not my native. I have 60k-100k daily mobile users from facebook on a website and i am monetizing it via adsense, rpm is 0.50-70$, ctr is 0.4-8%, cpc is very low. for example i yesterday there were 19k USA traffic and i...
  4. Safox alee

    Help with facebook targeting

    Hi Blackhatters !! I am looking to target people who are selling on Amazon, what could be the best method to target those people. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  5. Chris - FB Apps

    I need a paid method to buy any traffic from FB (not fb ads)

    Hi guys. I need a method to buy traffic from Facebook to my websites, other than fb ads. The traffic can be from worldwide, it is fine. The traffic can be from fake users, no matter, I just need it to come from Facebook. My articles will be cooking etc, and no ads in articles. I need about...
  6. D

    Drive traffic to a movie site! Direct traffic from social media needed - No SEO

    Hello friends, I am looking for a direct traffic seller here! Can anyone drive me huge amount of direct traffic to a movie streaming website? may be through Facebook, Instagram or any other social media accounts? Anyone here with a huge social media followers accounts who can promote my site on...
  7. T

    How to target Sweden and get traffic to earn money from CPA Build?

    I am from India and I dont know Swedish Language ofcourse! How do I target Swedish Users and earn money through CPA Build?
  8. jimmybun

    Traffic Source for Adsense Website

    I understand that the traffic is align with the content or twisted end page. I own lots of YT channels with more than 100k sub, Facebook page more that 1m fans, & Facebook groups more than 3m members in about 50s USA Groups. But nothing above can bring me great amount of traffics like earlier...
  9. Great ruler

    website + facebook +ad network == is still earning or dead

    Any still working this method .. Any new twist need this method .. let advice me guys..
  10. hunter_killer

    My Viral Content + Like Funnel + Your traffic = $$$

    hey guys, Hope you all are doing great! I am into social media marketing, we own vonvon like quiz websites ( facemorphing, faceapp, relationship quizzes ) Those kind of quizzes brings more than 40% of sharing rate and like conversion of 14-15% I am looking for partners to bring traffic and...
  11. Alex D.

    Strange facebook referrers from instagram

    I was testing how much traffic I would get from instagram so I posted random bitly shorten links on 10 instagram profiles. There is something strange bitly showing me traffic from facebook as you can see on attachment photo. I noticed that right after I post link I get one vistor on each link...
  12. jimmybun

    [ASK] Adsense Monetized After Facebook Update!

    Hi Blackhatters, After completely updated of facebook recently, my groups that have about 3million members, my pages contain about 2millions fans would already died. I post the links that seem no one see it and come to the site. My question is how do you make legit traffic from facebook like...
  13. M

    How to make a big fan page? i have...

    Hi! I need More traffic i have a fan page with 6k ( US, UK, Au, New, Can ) he take me a lot of time for getting all this 6k because i don't all manually use a fake compte invite etc.. I need about 50k daily and traffic from real people - not any fake traffic! i search about a new method I...
  14. M

    Facebook apps need trafiic

    Hello folks ; I'm newbie in this forum , and I need traffic for my facebook applications any offers ?
  15. dkv023

    Organic traffic from FB is it possible?

    Is it possible to get traffic to website from FB without creating 1000 fake accs, pay advertising, posting in 100000 groups? What if just do posting interesting stuff on fanpage? Or it is naive idea at these days?
  16. Arif Rumel

    How can get huge traffic from FB in my Amazon products?

    How can get huge traffic from FB in my Amazon products?
  17. D

    Share post on your FB page

    Looking for person with large facebook fan page, with more than 50k+ to share my website posts on it. The members need to be from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Scandinavian countries and other European countries. You can charge a fee for post or for 1k traffic. Please PM me with price for each...
  18. Great ruler

    i planned hollywood news + propoller ads + facebook traffic ?

    This good idea for generate good money.please advice any one. it will work or not.
  19. F

    Facebook ads, tier 3 traffic under 3$ per 1000 visitors???

    Could you help me out to set fb ads for tier 3 countries to get this "cheap" traffic? Or it is not doable on fb? ( doesn't have to be targeted at all...) Could it be done on twitter? I've no expirience or what so ever with twitter ads aand on fb I have only targeted us... I will be greatful for...
  20. 20something

    [JV] My Viral Website And Your Social Media Traffic

    I've a viral website with good quality content and images. The website is high quality, unlike mushrooming viral websites with a lot of pictures and click bait title with little or no useful content. Obviously, that works in most of the cases and for most of the people but that is not what I'm...