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  1. T

    Marketing insights from the pharma industry

    Recently, TheMarkup published a report in which they examined how the top pharma companies use Facebook targeting. There were some interesting discoveries and insights that could be useful in your own campaigns. First of all, what you can't do: You cannot use custom audiences in the pharma...
  2. jul3s

    ★ Facebook Interest-based Audiences for SALE ★ Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Audience!

    ★ ★ ★ Facebook Interest-based Audiences for SALE ★ ★ ★ Show the right message to the RIGHT PEOPLE! Have you ever imagined how your business would be if you would market to the right audience? Targeting is one of the most important things while running Facebook Ads, and perfect in-depth...
  3. mosharop

    [FREE Giveaways] Analyze any facebook ads and give you detailed data

    I will analyze any of your competitors' best performing sponsored facebook post and will give you a detailed report as you can create super-targeted facebook ads. What you will get in the report: - Targeted Location - Languages - Gender - Relationship Status - Profession - Liked Pages -...
  4. PersiaGrai

    Anyone Good With FB Targeting That Can Answer?

    Yo guys, So i understand Facebook Targeting pretty well, but i want to know.....If you were running an ad promoting music videos, do you know of a way to target that might bypass casual fans and hit the early adopters based off their behavior? Let me know, thanks.
  5. mojstermiha

    [FREE TUTORIAL] - Facebook ad building, bidding, targeting - Case Study! - *uncensored*

    Hey! I prepared a short Facebook tutorial for building ads, bidding and targeting. This thread was inspired by bornformoney. I didn't have the opportunity to go through his "Raping Facebook 101" e book but I would love to, I'm sure there are some high quality information that I don't know yet...
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