facebook shares

  1. ThirstyForKnowledge

    How do i find which facebook pages shared a blogpost?

    When you see an article’s social share counts and it says 1,700 shares on Facebook, how do I find out which pages shared that content?
  2. V

    Female facebook to share content on Nitch FB groups

    Hello, I need to share something in Nitch Facebook groups. Please MESSAGE me your prices and let's chat. No games and let's get to work. Thanks
  3. E

    How to get social shares

    I created 5 fb accounts few days later, fb started to check phone number, photo id etc. Those accounts are disabled now. Emails used temp email. Now question is how will I get social signals like shares, likes. There are some sites where you can get share likes for free just earning points...
  4. F

    How can I extract every Facebook page that has shared a specific post from another Facebook page?

    Does a software currently exist to scrape information from facebook page posts? I specifically need to just extract all shares made by Facebook pages on behalf of a Facebook post, excluding personal profiles. This is so I can track the cause of the post going viral.
  5. ellay

    ✅Cheap Social Signals★★FB★Tw★G+★Vk★Ok★★

    Hello BHW We are offering Social Signals (FB shares,Twitter tweets,G+ shares, Vk.ru shares, Ok.ru shares) You can choose from one of these packages. Super 40 FB shares 40 Twitter tweets 40 G+ shares 40 Vk shares 40 Ok shares -------------------- 15$ only Premium 30 FB shares 30 Twitter...
  6. charbel

    URL Blocked on Facebook

    Dudes. Is there a way to bypass pushing through your URL on a Facebook status? I noticed using a URL shortener works but, will that be detected as a social signal if its redirected?
  7. frikpl

    Buying facebook post likes and shares

    hello, I need non drop, facebook post likes and shares. x100 likes per package x100 shares per package multiple orders possible if everything will be ok. please write your price per package(100) in this thread or PM me. Regards
  8. J

    Engagement so high?

    Hey guys! I don't understand with my competitor have 45k fans on his Facebook page and he/she gets 2k plus shares and many thousands of likes. If I look at real magazines in the niche that have over 1 million fans, they don't get that kind of engagement like the 45k page. Do you think the...
  9. coolerthing

    Sorry, this feature isn't available right now An error occurred while processing this request. Pleas

    Hi guys, I have problem and dont know if any of you hade this problem before this is first time i saw this happening on facebook everytime when i try share something from my fanpage in groups (link, photos) every time i get this message: Sorry, this feature isn't available right now An error...
  10. P

    How is this Possible . Anyone Can clear This...?

    Hi Folks , I was having this doubt for many days , bu i couldn't get a clear picture on this. See the screenshot , They have done the Facebook sharing within an hour to various groups how is it possible.? I know its bot but may i know what bot..? and one more info is this post when i...
  11. SeoWrecker

    ★★★ Boost Your Sites With Extreme Social Signals- HQ Signals At An Affordable Price ★★★

    Note: Resellers can contact us at [email protected]
  12. ThisGuy10

    George Takei Facebook Page

    Hey everyone! Was curious if anyone knew how to get a link share from George Takei's FB page? If you've ever seen his Facebook page posts, they get huge amounts of engagement for links and pictures. Typically, when his team shares a link it's mostly always to the same websites. Viral Nova / 22...
  13. T

    Want to buy Facebook posts

    will post it at WTB.
  14. S

    [need] Looking for coach in social networks

    Hi, i have a non-profit search engine (a non profit/humanitary organization launch a search engine for get money from searchs ads) Them i plan send traffic from social networks (facebook and twitter), and want learn about fast growth REAL users, do votations, sweetstakes, viral/memes, etc...
  15. J

    Report/statistics on all shares of my posts?

    Hi, long time lurker, first time poster here. I have a site (Wordpress) with a few hundred posts, all of them get a fair amount of shares on Facebook. I have Facebook share counters on each post where I can see the total number of shares. However, I would like to be able to get a report daily...
  16. Diablo9975

    HQ [ Daily SOCIAL SIGNALS ] for website FB likes & Shares, Google Plus, linkedins, pins, Stumbles

    Sales thread image is of big size so on slow speed Internet it will take some time to load completely(3 images about 1 MB) Payment options Default payapl on request webmoney or ask for any other More Reviews More Reviews Coming soon... What about reports? You will get the google...
  17. Diablo9975

    HQ SOCIAL SIGNALS! Free Reviews, All Social platforms ★ Unlimited URLs ★ Start $5 for 300 Signals

    EXCLUSIVE FREE REDDIT DO FOLLOW LINK With 6000 Social & 15000 Social Plan Reviews Reviews Repeat Orders from Client: balsagoth007 Repeat Orders From Client: ghosteye Repeat Orders From Client: CoryW Repeat Orders From Client: UrsuAke...
  18. IamKing

    These Shares Makes Your Website Backlinks Profile Looks More Natural to Boost Your SERPs!

  19. poorboi

    Cheap US/UK Traffic from Facebook Pages| 515K US, 253K, 116k UK | Buy Status Updates Now!

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" Status Updates for Sale GET YOUR CAMPAIGNS READY! Selling Status Updates...
  20. R

    Mass Facebook Shares | Need someone with tons of accounts!

    I run an eCommerce site and need someone to share/tweet products in large volumes. I don't have a bulk pay rate organized for the service, but I'm open to anyone who wants to bid on the work. We have thousands of products, but I can provide a list of URL's for our most popular. An ideal scenario...
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