facebook script

  1. Chris - FB Apps

    Script to check my FB page's posts

    Hi everyone. I need a small script (installed on my website) that checks the posts from my FB pages and announces to me when posts reach more than 500 likes. The posts that are 14 days old will not be checked anymore. Can I find something similar here, free or paid? I couldn't find it, maybe I...
  2. mohamedabdo

    Looking for good developer

  3. S

    Scrape profile url from posts

    Hi guys, I am searching for something that can scrape profile urls from a post. I have searched everywhere but can seem to find such thing. I also though of imarcos but turns out it isn't free anymore. Any suggestions to such program? Would also be awesome if there was a mass message option...
  4. F

    How do I accept all Facebook pending friends request at once without block.

    I have about 900+ facebook pending friends request, my account always get blocked when i try accepting it with facebook Toolkit or any scripts like below. javascript: var field = document.getElementsByClassName("_42ft _4jy0 _4jy3 _4jy1 selected _51sy"); for (i = 0; i < field.length...
  5. Inception_AC

    Facebook Account Creator

    Hi Guys Looking for someone to create a facebook account creator for me. I have the email accounts so its just the filling in on Name Last Name Email DOB Gender and Click submit. With proxy support if possible? Thanks If you have experience in this hit me up!
  6. ashu261986

    Looking For Fb Api Developer

    Hello I am looking for fb api developer to create a simple script. add my skype for further detaisl :- kshr_rajput Thanks
  7. HexamilesoftOfficial


    We are giving you FREE FACEBOOK PUBLISH ACTION SCRIPT VER:2.8. You can create apps and approve with this script easily. Download Script: http://viid.me/qegcZb Virus Total -...
  8. sandandkush

    Facebook liker/comment script to blow up fan page

    I have been thinking about starting my own Facebook Liker website like hublaa.me and official-liker.net. However, I would add my own PVA accounts (say about 100-500) to the site. These accounts would generally have targeted friends that joined certain groups and liked fan pages. I would then...
  9. ivink3aray

    Facebook Like Jacking Script

    Anybody have a script facebook like jacking ? i trying some script but still not working ? Regards,
  10. B

    Group bump post imacros

    I need an imacros that will bump up posts in buy, sell, trade groups.
  11. Z

    Need to add 20,000 facebook users from a list

    hi, Whoever could complete this will be rewarded $500. What I need is to promote my website. I have a specific list of facebook users to do the promotion. They are all Thai users. I want you to change/use profile picture, cover photo, and name according to me, and then add these users from...
  12. C

    Script Facebook group friends

    Hello. Somebody knows a valid script for adding people in one group on facebook? I've used Dalwadi Jignesh script before, but it's not working anymore. Thank you very much!
  13. L

    Facebook Viral Scripts

    After deep research and googling , i think i have found some great Facebook scripts , I know what they are used for , but do know how to put them into action ! I have domains and hosting , etc . I'm willing to give them to anyone that can set up the script for me on my domain(s) . PM me if youre...
  14. R

    facebook share pro

    Hello bh. I have a script facebook sure pro, can any one help me to develop this script, so I can be able to share my post on Facebook groups? Urgent pleas
  15. F

    I am Looking for Facebook Script Programmer

    I need a facebook viral script, Its simple. So please knock me if you can do it properly
  16. D

    New 2014 likejacking script method?

    Hi Guys, I'm following your forum for a couple of years now, even though i never posted anything. Your informations always revealed awesome and i found a lot of useful tips. I decided to post now, because something weird happened, something i really don't understand yet. Last night my facebook...
  17. F

    Need help

    Guys there are many freelancers who generate mass Facebook likes in just a hour and got high pay for those likes. I think they use software/tools to generate mass likes in short time and can anyone tell how they generate mass quantity likes in such a short-time.
  18. S

    Super viral app legality

    I am all about not getting lawsuits and would like to know the legality of a viral app that somehow manages to keep the api calls low and auto posts to users wall and all their friends walls, uploads a photo to users album and tags the photo with the top 50 of the users friends names. This...
  19. S

    Does Facebook "invite-all" Script really works ???

    Does any 1 Know this script really work.:feedback: Cause i don't think this script works.everytime i use this script nothing happens.I used this script to invite some 1000+ people from my one of the account but it is not working.Then i have to do it manually,and doing manually really freaks me...
  20. B

    Facebook SHARE site before watching Script + Help Needed

    Hey. I keep it short. My hosting will expire on 31.10.11 so I need to earn some fast money . I need a Facebook Script which can lock my site and force people to click "share" before taking action on my site. I searched all threads but I didn't saw anything I'm looking for. Looking for something...
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