facebook proxies

  1. akshayp83

    ⭐⭐IGNITEPROXY⭐⭐ | Premium Data Center Proxies Starting from $0.5 only! | Flat 20% Discount (Recurring) | Customized Proxies Plan Available!

    Hello BHW Community, We're thrilled to announce that We've just launched our Premium Data Center Proxies in two strategic locations: the US and India. Whether you're looking to scale your operations, enhance your web scraping tasks, or simply need reliable proxies for your projects, our new...
  2. zhaymer

    BEST proxy to use for Facebook?

    I have around 50 FB accounts I use them for legal spam groups, the main problem is these accounts get checkpoints like every day, I have to manually check and send a Pic for checkpoints 282 & 956. I've tried proxy6 & proxy-seller same problem, still getting checkpoints on all the accounts...
  3. bbloverz

    FROGPROXY.COM - High-quality Italian 4G LTE Proxies - Fully dedicated - BHW discount

    Hello from frogproxy! We offer high-quality Italian 4G proxies. Prices are: - €45 p.m. 50GBs package - €55 p.m. 200GBs package - €80 p.m. unlimited traffic package Discount for all BHW users! 1€ = 1$ :) Enjoy the same prices in USD instead of EUR (approx. 10% discount). Just like and post "I...
  4. GridPanel

    4G / LTE UK Based Social Media Proxies | 50% OFF First Month | Dedicated Raw | Unlimited Bandwidth

  5. hehe2444

    [POLL] How can Social Media sites detect that your using Data center proxies?

    Comment bellow your Other oppinion
  6. PrestigeUK

    PRESTIGE PROXIES | UK 4G / LTE Dedicated Proxies | HTTP & SOCKS5 | Dashboard + API | From $49.99 / month | Upgraded for 2023

    Who are we? Prestige Proxies was established in 2018 and has been providing UK based 4G / LTE proxies ever since. We're a relatively small scale proxy provider focused on maintaining a reliable service to our customers whatever their needs. Not being a huge proxy provider we can offer clean IP...
  7. zerotje09

    [2018] SocialProxies.com ►IPv4/IPv6/3G | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn & More

    Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter LinkedIn | Tumblr | Google+ | Pinterest | Snapchat All of our proxies are fresh and have never been used for the Social Platform before. Which means: Guaranteed Working! IPv4, IPv6 & Mobile (3G/4G) Available in HTTP(s) & SOCKS5 Elite Private Proxies...
  8. Lightproxies

    Competitively Priced Proxies for ALL Uses (UNLIMITED Bandwidth)

    Honest. Wholesome. Quality. Shining the Light on Quality Proxies Social Media, SEO, Gaming, Marketing, Ranking, no matter your needs, we have proxies optimized for any project you may be working on. We have created a structured network with locations in the USA, South America, and Europe...
  9. M

    [HELP NEEDED] Using Facebook accounts on 1 IP without proxies?

    I am looking for methods of running many Facebook accounts without using proxies, and instead just using them on the IP from my VPS. I have an idea in mind for how to do this and would like some ideas and thoughts on how this would go. My primary objective for the activities of the accounts'...
  10. M

    Do Proxy IPs from Disabled Facebook Accounts get recorded/become suspicious?

    I am using FaceDominator for bot campaigns with numerous Facebook accounts. I am wondering if when accounts get disabled, does the IP proxy get recorded and does it become suspicious and risky to use next time for setting up new accounts to do similar activities on that same proxy IP again? At...
  11. BuyPersonalProxy

    BuyPersonalProxy.com - Dedicated Proxy - HTTP/HTTPS, Socks5 - Elite/High anonymous - Very Quick Pla

    www.buypersonalproxy.com twitter.com/BuyPersonProxy facebook.com/buypersonalproxy Have you ever wished you could do more to protect your online identity? The Internet can be a dangerous place and plenty of your online information can be accessed if you don’t pay attention to your anonymity. The...
  12. N

    Proxy site that accept payonner as a payment method

    i would like to purchase some proxies to create multiple facebook accounts , but the most websites accept just paypal as a payment method , could you please suggest me some sites that accept payonner as a payment method please .
  13. deki33

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Storm Proxies ⏩⏩⏩ Premium Dedicated Proxies ✅ Tickets Sites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ✅ From $0.5 / proxy

    Dedicated Premium Private Proxy Private Dedicated Proxies + Supreme & Nike & Sneaker Sites + Ticketmaster & Tickets Sites + Instagram + Facebook + Twitter + Tumblr + Pinterest + Linkedin + Snapchat + Pokemon Go Proxies • High Speed & Performance Storm Proxies' 1GB network is optimized for...
  14. E

    Solution to manage a U.S.-based Facebook ad account from outside the U.S.

    Hi everyone, Since Facebook limits certain demographic and targeting options to U.S. advertising accounts only, I'm looking for a solution to open and manage a US-based Facebook ad account from Canada. This is the approach I'm thinking about implementing. Do you think it would work? 1. Open...
  15. E

    help plz making Facebook accounts in uk

    hi im looking to create Facebook accounts but i live in the UK and will be using UK sim cards to verify the accounts, will facebook notice if i use non-uk proxies also can i only verify 1 account per phone number. thx for any help that may be given
  16. N

    Facebook per-IP account limits?

    For people who are running automated facebook accounts, any idea how many accounts Facebook will let you run off a single IP? Do they care? Are public proxies a good idea for this, or will using them just tip off Facebook as to your activities?
  17. texacola1

    IPFreelyProxies, Official Scrapebox Supplier, 10% Extra Elite Private Proxies NOW FREE

    I have decided to get back into selling US proxies because yet again I've noticed others selling crap services and not being as client and service oriented as I've always been The new site is at IpFreelyProxies.net Prices as follows: Available at IpFreelyProxies.net/proxies.php Payment...
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