facebook promotion

  1. Alma

    Anyone marketing on FB with just 1 account?

    Hey, I have few questions about FB, would like to market with just one account. I want to make sure it never gets banned though. 1) Did you buy aged account or new one? 2) Which proxies/methods do you use to keep it safe? 3) How much do you post/link per day? Thanks :)
  2. R698


    Thequickmediasoft.com — Prices: Instagram Followers - from $0.60 to $3.125/1K Instagram Likes - from $0.22 to $1.82/1K Instagram Comments - from $6.3 to $85.00/1K Instagram Video Views - $0.04/1K TikTok Followers - from $2.4 to $3.25/1K TikTok Likes - $1.5/1K TikTok Video Views -...
  3. mylastvacation

    8 Facebook groups for sale (and one subreddit)

    Hey guys, I've got a couple of Facebook groups for sale here are the details: Group 1: Niche Politics. Group for a political candidate in the 2020 US election. Members: https://prnt.sc/qy3xqd Engagement: https://prnt.sc/qy3yji Demographics: https://prnt.sc/qy3zq0 Price $20 Group 2: Niche...
  4. P

    Best way to run a facebook campaign!!

    I am looking for the best way to promote the post of my Facebook pages... I handle multiple pages like Gold | IT Services | and many more I need a trick or suggestion on how can I get more orders on Facebook... Kindly suggest
  5. Tanay Kumar Das

    How To Promote in Facebook?

    Your approach to this account needs to be different than other websites. First of all Create a Group related to your KW and fill it with quality content. Remember not to use junk materials as it will have a negative effect. Offer something Free to download for the subscribers to keep them...
  6. muhammadammadazhar1990

    Journey to 200 dollars per day using all forms of social media for CPA promotion

    Hi BHW Community, My name is Ammad. I am a geography student and want to earn some money online. I have been an avid reader of this forum. I tried so many methods in past without any luck. However, recently I have come up with a method that works although it requires a lot of dedication and...
  7. C

    Twitter/Facebook/Youtube promotion service needed

    I would like to increase the exposure of my business in social platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook.I hope the social accounts can have a huge number of followers and have active interactions with the followers.I need to promote the business on the social platforms monthly. So it will be...
  8. B

    Looking for Crossposting on Good Facebook Pages

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some good Facebook pages for crossposting. My niche is animated funny videos so if you are allow crossposting then your audience will also get new unique animated funny videos to watch daily. I have two facebook pages, one with 8K likes and follows and other...
  9. N

    Help me

    If i change the inner link of my landing page once facebook approve my campaign does facebook will caught me or not. Or in simple words if i redirect my facebook traffic to another landing page such as adulr landing page fron original landing page which approved my facebook ads. does they will...
  10. Affcodebreaker

    Method Cash On Delivery Affiliate marketing

    As the demand from viewer of my previous thread today again i am posting this thread if you are new to this thread i will suggest you to view first my previous thread. Below i have posted the link of my previous thread...
  11. SunnyLeon

    Need your help with ad creation and targeting

    Hey there fellow BHWers! I really need your help :) I`m launching a new online store in my country and along with normal SEO and website promotion I want to start a really aggressive facebook ad campaign. Now I need a little help with targeting and ad creation. Just to give me a starting push :)...
  12. A

    Turn a movie trailer viral on fb.

    Hi guys, Looking for someone who can turn a film trailer viral on facebook. time frame for campaign is 6-8 weeks. Traffic needs to be Aus/US/UK. Basically looking for at least 100k likes on the trailer + at least 1mill views. Traffic would need to be real and have to be gathered from...
  13. richdaddy7

    Need som advice about FB ads to sell my eBook

    Hi guys, I need some advice about FB ads. I´d like to sell my eBook and I want to promote it on FB. I think this is the best option to send people from FB to my landing page. But i have no experiences about FB ads, can you help with that?
  14. S

    Facebook Viral Marketing (Q&A)

    I will be using this thread to answer topics related to viral pages. Most people will probably ask questions that have been already answered in threads elsewhere in this forum so I will only be responding to the best questions that I also feel will give everyone in general more insight in those...
  15. B

    Please Advice in Facebook Promotion

    Hello Everyone, I offer animation services in a freelance site SEOClerks and when I tried to promote my service links in Facebook, Facebook did not accepted my links. So please suggest how can I promote my SEOClerks service links in Facebook. Thank You
  16. C

    Free facebook advertising

    I will give you a free Facebook advertising on my group - only for blackhatworld members! I own many groups, but my biggest group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/postyourbusinesslink/ with 586.000 members. Public posting is not allowed - only I can post it. If you have any link to promote...
  17. thakarpratik

    Such a Shitty Stats with FB PPC - Whats wrong

    I just ran a $40 PPC for my newly created FB page yest, i populated the page with nice and useful info,scraped from pinterest, added blog posts from my blog. Then i setup Post Engagement and Page likes ad setup, but got very poor results Target was UK only market
  18. D

    How to make cash using facebook groups and fanpage

    Facebook is growing everyday an a lot of us have not been able to actually maximize it. Here are few basic tips to do that. If you have a better suggestion drop on the comment box. Get your facebook account 5000 friends Create a fan page and invite all of them to like your page. Trust me you...