facebook profiles

  1. R

    Is there any problem reducing the profile heating frequency?

    Lately I haven't had time to warm up my Facebook profile and that's why there are days when I don't log into my profile to warm up. Is there any problem with that?
  2. smoothecriminal

    What are the odds of my verified profile getting restricted?

    I run an ecom store and my page and ads are all through a verified BM. I had my wife on my BM fortunately and one day my personal profile was perm restricted. Can't figure out why, none of my ads were rejected etc. After months of back and forth trying to create new profiles I finally stumbled...
  3. bobross69420

    How Are You Farming Accounts In 2020?

    Offering to rent accounts for 25-50/month on craigslist seems to have been stopped, how else have you been able ot find fresh, aged accounts to rent?
  4. U

    Finding Instagram Photos for FB Profiles

    Hey everyone, Would love advice. Now, first off, I'm probably of an older generation than many of you whippersnappers, so be gentle about my ignorance here. I've been researching how to make multiple FB accounts and many guides yada yada over the part about finding profiles from instagram...
  5. MGJ25

    Facebook Upload Photo Problem SOLVED

    Hello there. Here is the method I use for solving the upload photo block on Facebook 1. Make sure you back up the profile images of all the accs you possess. 2. When photo upload needed, save the backed up profile pic as a .png file. Remember : Facebook does not accept .jpg format it just...
  6. I

    Facebook gone crazy?

    Seems like Mark is optimistic that AI would pose as people.
  7. C

    Need Female Facebook Profiles

    Looking to buy Facebook profiles, older than 2 months with populated fields, pictures, etc. Please post a way to contact you. Thanks!
  8. ranarockzz

    [REQ] How to disable or remove Facebook timeline?

    Hello BHW Friends!!! I want to know that how I can remove Facebook timeline from profile? I don't want to use more this. Please tell me! How I remove? I will wait your replies. Thanks a lot. :)
  9. D

    Question related to Facebook Blaster Pro

    Hi Blackhatters, I have a quick question - can you use Facebook Blaster Pro to invite people to your FB fan pages, or does it only work for profiles and you than turn the profile into a fan page? If it only works for profiles, does this mean that the max number of people you can "friend"...
  10. B

    [GET] 2500++ facebook profiles database with over 1k to 5k friends each.

    Hey Guys, Grab this list now. 2500++ facebook profiles database. each profile having between 1k to 5k friends. these people will add anyone and everyone to the friends list. if you know what i am talking about then you will know how to monetize these friends. this is a text file. so not...
  11. N

    100 Million Facebook Profile Pages Leaked to Torrent Site

    Not sure if this has been Published here... A 2.8GB torrent is floating around out there containing data from 100 million Facebook profiles. But don't freak out: all the data was already available publicly. Facebook wizard+ 2.8 Gb profiles = $$$$$ Torrent could be Downloaded from Here...
  12. B

    Who's interested in a fanpage Invite System?

    Who's interested in a fanpage Invite System? Hi I would like to know how many people would be interested in a fanpage invite system? How it would work: You would need to give access to a 4000+ profile which will be used only twice a week. The idea is to make an organized plan that consists...
  13. O

    Need Fans to FB Page (No need to be targeted. Fake fans are welcomed)

    Hey there, I need fake or real FB fans from anywhere in the world to my page. My main aim is to get 10k fans on the page. Right now I have 2k fans. If you have some fake fans that you can send to my page, please PM me. I need this done ASAP!!
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