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  1. Malxonx

    The Best way to Warm up your Facebook Page before starting advertsing

    Hello everyone and here's another post I hope is useful to every online hustle out there. This Method works perfectly whether you running ads or Not, Also It's Excellent if you're using your posts in your ads. What you will need? 5-7 High-quality warned Facebook Accounts for each post ( The...
  2. X

    Alternative Monetization Method For FB/Facebook Babes/Girls Pages/Groups After FB/Facebook Instant Article gone

    Intro: I have facebook pages and groups with USA/UK/CA/AUS pages with 99% Men audience. I can generate more. Monetization: I was getting $15-30 per 1k visits on fb instant article. With the amount of traffic I currently own I was generating $2k-3k per day. Issue: Facebook have retired instant...
  3. I


    I am selling facebook pages with $1200 reel bonus approved on it. cost is $300. F.A.Q 1. DELIVERY TAT 24-48 hours after payment is received. 2. PAYMENT METHOD usdt/busd
  4. L

    Facebook reach problem very obv

    Hi, I started new website, with good quality content self writing I was getting good reach sharing my Links until I placed my Revcontent ads (monetized) my website, it was so obv like the next day after i placed the widgets my reach went down like 80-90% to previous links, I know there is...
  5. shabushabu

    Facebook has lost it's mind

    I post same meme on two of my pages at the same time, real followers, no bots: Page with 14k likes.. got 28 likes. 1 share. Page with 200k likes.. got 27 likes. 1 share. What's going on? fb drunk?

    Doesn't Facebook Care about copyrighted content on it's pages? Facebook's Current methods.

    From past week I am highly focused on Facebook trying to build multiple Facebook pages so that I can start earning through Instream ads. I have noticed that 40% of the Facebook pages are using some copyrighted content like some scenes from movies or TV show, random internet videos, compilation...
  7. M

    Best way of monetize huge facebook pages

    Hello guys, i own a lot of fb pages with huge amount of likes, i have a blog where i drive traffic and monetize it through adsense. Is there a better and more effective way to monetize this pages? Niche of my pages are sports, crypto, art. Total likes 5m plus with mostly USA, UK fans.
  8. peakyhat

    How to monetize social media traffic fast?

    Hello, guys I'm curious how to monetize 10-15k unique UK / USA visitors per day? I know about Adsense and other CPC websites, but looking for something which pays out daily and fast... I have some huge social accounts (FB/Twitter) and have huge audience in Sports/Football Niche... Worked for...
  9. Intexam

    Facebook removes the ‘Like Button’ from its redesigned Public Pages

  10. mark85

    Own Luxury Apparel/Accessories Related Huge Social Pages - Affiliate Programs Suggestions?

    I own luxury apparel and accessories facebook pages with almost 4m followers. It's very niche specific and I have targeted audience and have problems to find a proper company or website to monetize. Any Suggestions?
  11. addictedtolearning

    [METHOD] Make Money With Drop Shipping Or Print On Demand By Utilizing Popular Shows And Movies

    Not sure if this has been shared before, but you can use fan loyalty to sell products via drop shipping or print on demand. No matter which method you choose, MAKE SURE YOU AREN'T SELLING DESIGNS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. So, the play is simple: take a very popular show or movie and make a...
  12. Hints404

    Facebook Page merge problems

    Hello BHW. I have 2 pages. The first one XXX has 1000 fans and it's niche is digital marketing, while the other VVV has over 10000 fans and it's niche is movies. The original idea for the VVV is no longer interesting to me, so I want to merge the 2 accounts. XXX is what I want to work on but...
  13. R

    Buying Technology Facebook Page

    Hi guys! Has anybody a technology related Facebook page that he is selling? If yes, message me, I'm interested! Thanks!
  14. EternalFun

    FB pages not showing

    Hi, trying to join groups as pages but all fb pages are not showing. The page that I want to join as to the group I already have linked to my group but still all pages are not showing. How to fix?
  15. rocknrollchef

    Question For Linking Instagram and Facebook Biz Pages

    Hello: Has anyone else had this issue linking their IG account to a Facebook business page? And that is: When I choose to share the same post on Facebook via my Instagram post - some of my pages post the content just fine, and other ones wait for me to click "share" on the content before they...
  16. Meyerlansky81

    Can someone please help me with facebook pages and facebook check-ins?

    so i have several facebook pages and i noticed that i have been getting alot of checking threw my business face page as well as people taking pictures and comments in the checkins area, i would to know how can i monetize all those people who checked in to the fb pages so i can make them part of...
  17. K

    how many active fb pages can I have ?

    Hello there, I want to ask something because I couldnt find it nowhere, what is the max. number of active fb pages u can have/manage and post actively good content with links to my websites, without getting banned/red flag or whatever. If somebody has some experience in that, please give some...
  18. I

    Want to buy aged Facebook Fanpage with Fans

    Hello, I want to buy multiple aged fb pages (at least 6 months old) with a few postings and fans. The more, the better.
  19. D

    High Quality Facebook Pages For Sale!

    The days of reaching clients through magazine, newspaper and billboard advertising are long gone. Today, if you're not on social media you're not in the game. Twitter is great for news and Instagram is perfect for sharing your sexy photos. But, if you want to make serious money from social media...
  20. Cyber devil

    [Journey] Road to FB fan-pages empire

    Hi, Cyber Devil here. So the main reason of me starting this journey thread is that I think It'll give me that extra push and motivation to achieve my IM goals. The Plan The main plan is to create a lot of various micro niche fan pages based on popular US niches and then use those pages to...
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