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  1. DT Media Agency


    ✅ Welcome! DT Media Agency provides FACEBOOK AD ACCOUNTS BM, PERSONAL,✅NO LIMIT✅ to help you increase revenue and reduce costs. Support 24/7 1. About service THE FOLLOWING ARE THE ACCOUNT TYPES WE ARE SELLING (THERE ARE OTHER ACCOUNT TYPES IF YOU NEED): ✅ BM 0 NOLIMIT : 20$ ✅ BM 5 NOLIMIT ...
  2. ibrapique

    Facebook page geography Limitation !

    Hey guys ! I have a new facebook gaming page I started to create reels but i notice i only get views & interactions locally from my country ! How to bypass this & expand the reach ?!
  3. L

    Facebook post auto comment for each!

    Hi recently I noticed some facebook pages are spamming It with photos they directly post different website link for each Images I am willing to pay for the service I am looking for It couldnt find It myself searching!
  4. codeman1234

    Facebook Page Username

    Hello, When you create a Facebook page with the username "page1" and then change that username to "page2", does "page1" username gets free as 2 weeks later like happens on Instagram or that never happens and there is no way to use that username for a new page anymore? Thanks!
  5. codeman1234

    How to hide page transparency?

    Hello, Is there any way to delete / disable / hide page transparency from About section on Facebook Page? Thanks!
  6. jeanfrank

    Is there any chance for this Facebook Business Page?

    Did you guys encounter this problem before? I can't publish any ads now. :weep: Really appreciate any suggestions from you guys Thanks
  7. codeman1234

    How to remove mentions tab on Facebook Fan Pages?

    Hello, Is there a way to disable or remove mentions tab on Facebbok Fan Pages because there even some posts from users that as an Admin of the FB Page I cannot delete or hide from page and most of them are spam and even if I report them as spam wont get deleted from page. Thanks!
  8. jeanfrank

    How should i get more followers through Facebook Reels for my page?

    Hi guys, It's been a long time without hanging around here. I don't know if you guys created some content on Facebook page through Reels. I published more than 10 videos, but I got no views and followers. I mean, if I should get some followers at first for my page? Thanks
  9. Kamilion

    How to Monetize 143K Facebook Group

    Hi friends I have 143K FB group and growing daily, at least 2K new members. The niche is memes. How can I monetize this group ? I am using the group to build pages, but it is going very slowly. Any ways to monetize?
  10. A

    Facebook tips for newbie

    Hi folks ! I had a lot of trouble finding the trick, so I'm sharing the tip with you. Problem to solve: send invitations to people who aren't your friends to like your Facebook page (not your group). Step 1: log on to Facebook, go to your page, click on Meta Business Suite. Step 2: scroll...
  11. Malcuit

    (JV) My cheap Facebook Page Verification Without PR, Your Clients

    Looking for agencies or anyone to JV with. I can verify existing facebook page (blue tick) of businesses without PR. We will split the earnings. If you are interested in this JV, Lets talk. Looking forward.
  12. Etienven

    Social-media materials✅for sell✅Reinstated FB✅Reinstated Facebook Page✅BM✅ 24 Hours support

  13. K

    Facebook Algorithm Discussion

    Hey guys, I open a new Facebook page a few months ago. Sometimes I get a thousand, 2, 3 thousand video views, and sometimes just a few hundred. All this is pretty low. How can I utilise the facebook algorithm to my favour? Thanks
  14. ayakashi909

    Facebook page invite friends problem

    Hello, after Facebook switch my page to new experience page I have got problem with friends invite to page. For example I have 1000 friends to invite. I marked 40 friends to invite to page and I received that pop notification "Invitations have been sent" and after that I checked that all of 40...
  15. ggvbro

    Why my facebook page has some issues ?

    Hello guys thanks for taking time to read my thread. knowing that this facebook page is new and i uploaded some reels from tiktok as everybody does to grow page. Why my facebook page has some issues ? What can cause this issue? how to get it green back? Thanks in advance guys :)
  16. NobleGuyHere

    is it ok to create like 10 Facebook pages in one day and make ads on my ad account ?

    i want to create 10 pages per day and advertise on my one Facebook ad account is this right ?
  17. Z

    Facebook page messaging disabled

    Hello guys, just needed some help or suggestions how can i fix this issue.Facebook page messaging disabled for 30 days. Can anyone help?
  18. jeanfrank

    [HELP] How to get more fake scores for FB business page?

    Hi, We all know that business Facebook page has a score system, that means the customers will leave a score for the Facebook page when they placed the orders from our website through Facebook ads. But how should get high score if our Facebook score is low? How do you guys do that? I really...
  19. S

    Has anyone had any luck with gaining admin access to a business page?

    So, we've just started working with a client who had someone create their Facebook page for them around 5ish years ago, the original creator is the admin and gave our client employee access (same with the business manager) Because of this, we're unable to either a) add ourselves as a partner to...
  20. BM3

    You got a Facebook page/group wich gets lots of impressions ?

    If your awnser to the title is yes , and u wanna make some exxxtra $ let me know we got work to do :D
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