facebook messenger

  1. djgbshows

    facebook messenger multiple logins app?

    hey guys any suggestions on a facebook app, or bot thatll let me log into multiple facebook accounts to reply to messages on all at once? I have a marketing strategy that requires me to do this and its a pain having multiple browsers and computers up.
  2. williamsharris143

    Weird Facebook Messenger Issue. HELP NEEDED

    I am having a weird issue with my facebook messenger. I read all the messages but when I open facebook again. Most of the recent conversations become unread and I have to then mark all these conversations as seen again one by one. If you see the attached screenshot you can see the blue dot with...
  3. RichardLI

    [POLL] What is your Favorite Messenger application in 2020 ?

    Hello Guys Just as a title says -please vote for your favorite messenger ,and let us know what type of messenger is most popular now among IMers. Regards Richard Thanks
  4. S

    Facebook DM rotation for promotion feasible ?

    Hi guys, Got some fb profiles in a niche I'd like to target and was wondering if it's feasible to send them dms from multiple accounts rotating with proxies in order to promote my business . The message would be using spintax and no urls included . The question here is, how many profiles can...
  5. jul3s

    [Method] Make money with building a list of loyal messenger subscribers (Step by Step)

    It’s time for everyone to take advantage of messenger marketing and do something about it right now. Due to the high open rate messenger subscribers, if build right, can be more valuable then email subscribers these days. In this method, I will explain exactly how we are building a list of...
  6. Goodi OG

    How to Get Facebook Subscription Messaging Approved

    I just applied for facebook page Subscription Messaging from a giude online and I was disapproved. Is there any trick in getting it approved? thanks.
  7. kindablack

    Email vs Messenger Marketing?

    I've seen this stat in somewhere today: I haven't made Facebook Messenger work for me, what's your experience? I looking to hear our experience.
  8. The Curator

    How to increase engagement on FB ads without using engagement-bait?

    Setting up a messenger campaign for a lead-magnet, but don't want to run afoul of engagement-bait rules. Anyone figure out a good way of increasing engagement on ads for lead magnets?
  9. czsamzzy

    Facebook Messenger Inboxer

    Please am looking for A Facebook messenger script that can message people who previously messaged my Fanpage like Months Ago. manychat and chatfuel only message people that subscribed after you integrate them. i want to message past people as i lost my integration. i would want to know a tool...
  10. DMWD


    Tutorials: Tutorials are available for pretty much every feature packed into Robot Chat Messenger Bot. Complete Article Tutorials For Robot Chat Messenger Bot https://digitalmarketingwebdesign.com/category/robot-chat-messenger-bot-tutorials/ Video Tutorials For Robot Chat Messenger Bot...
  11. iLfenomeno

    Can someone make a script for this messenger future?

    https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/discovery/checkbox-plugin#customize_default_state here is how it works - https://ninjateam.org/support/ you go here and after you load the page you receive a message on FB messenger is there someone who can make this work?
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