facebook group bots

  1. Internet-Marketer

    How to find Active Facebook Groups?!

    How do you guys find most active groups in Facebook?! If we are not in US, how can I find US groups? Mostly groups are dead now and bombard with spam.
  2. Reyfr

    [Journey Spam Facebook]

    Hi there !!! We are since 5 year in MEME Business on Facebook . With over 500k like on the pages ; 800k on Facebook Messenger chatbot we are always looking for new way to generate new traffic , new user... We have the idea to buy 100 PVA and share the MEME on different group in funny , jokes...
  3. CMG

    Mass group posting?

    Hi, guys! Is there any free way to mass share posts from a Facebook page to multiple groups at once? Thank you!
  4. DonKing19

    [Journey] $0 To $2500/Month.. With Only Facebook Groups..

    Hi.. I already make money using other methods.. I will now try Facebook groups for the first time.. I tested some Facebook groups posting software here on this thread.. https://www.blackhatworld.com/posts/12207273/ Now I start posting.. What I have.. 34 Facebook accounts.. I will add more...
  5. Susanta Lohar

    [{HELP}] export Facebook group members

    Do anyone know the way to export group member's id/Last name that has 100K+ member?
  6. E

    Looking for someone to market on Facebook Groups

    pm me. I can't pm you as my BHW account is new.
  7. Himean007

    Is there any bot available for inviting all the fans from the page to group?

    Is there any bot available for inviting all the fans from the page to group?
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