facebook game

  1. KidHeartless

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Anyone in here play that Facebook game......its hella addicting to me. The Spec: Ops missions are tough to finish though
  2. B

    Missed Out On Farmvile? Follow Me: As I Attempt To Create A Popular FaceBook Games Page

    NOTE!! I should have put "& Make Money" In the Title. That's what this is really about. So remember that as you read and the thread grows. The only reason I want to be popular is to make money! I never did get addicted to Farmville. I did try it for a while, but it just didn't really click...
  3. R

    Facebook Developers: How Much to clone a Facebook game

    Hi, There are several simple games on Facebook, one specifically that I'm interested in cloning. The plan is to take the structure and change the graphics which would change the premise of the game. The game is one a fox in the hen house type game. I have an idea for another scenario, but...
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