facebook fanpages

  1. Headlines34

    Expanding my affiliate opportunities

    Hi Guys, I read a lot, but rarely post. I'm hoping some of the vets can give me solid advice. I started an affiliate marketing company last year and came out of 2018 with $3k in profits ($2500 from one project). I have three separate niches that are earning money through websites and social...
  2. lashsh


    Hi guys, USA/UK countries.. waiting offers guys! Thanks.
  3. B

    facebook big fanpages

    i need facebook big fanpages if any one have i will buy it thanks
  4. B

    How to change Facebook URL name for clients?

    Hi BHWs, I just wanted to ask this question as I don't know if this is possible. So basically I'm trying to change the vanity name for a clients facebook url lets say for example '/coffeecup to '/coffecupofficial. The main issue is that someone has already used '/coffecupofficial and has...
  5. B

    Fan Page shut down by some idiot [help]

    Hey guys, Like my description says my friends business fan page has been shut down which I'm also connected with. The reason they have complained is to do with the branding of the logo, but the logo is legit and has not been copied in anyway as it was hand drawn and designed by my friend. This...
  6. S

    Facebook Static HTML Coder needed for possible JV WSO

    I'm looking for a facebook static html coder who is willing to participate in a 50 / 50 profit share in an up coming WSO launch offering offline consultants the ability to provide professionally designed landing pages to offline businesses on Facebook. The plan is to give them 5 generic designs...
  7. P

    get free fans to your fanpages, with this new system : pagexn

    Get more targeted fans to your fanpage, using the new Facebook application: Pagexn Do you remember linkexchange.com? Have you heard of linkshare.com? Now get your chance to do the same, but with your Facebook pages and not websites! Simply, Pagexn is a Facebook Application that helps...
  8. Z

    Facebook Local Cash

    Hey, has anyone gone the local route and asked restaurant and bars to build fanpages for a coupla bob a pop? If so, what method works best. Since its local, I hope relieving methods wont be a problem. NB: I get these 'so an so checked in at...". Is this managed by locals or Facebook? It would...
  9. S

    How promote my fan page to my contacts

    Hi, there is some way to invite/promote my fan page from facebook to my contacts (same as profile pages that import csv with contacts) Thanks
  10. B

    Facebook page with 110,000 + members

    Hi guys !!! I have a India specific facebook page which has gone viral and has over 110,000 members as of now. I have been making money selling status updates till now. Wanted your advice on what else I can do to make some more moolah !! Thanks
  11. R

    Facebook fans

    Hello everyone, I want to get bulk of fans to a fanpage. Can anyone suggest a way to get it?? if anyone can make it in a cheaper rate..please let me know.. thanks
  12. S

    Buying/Renting FB Pages From Subcontinent

    Hi guys, I am new here. The title says it all. I am looking for fanpages that belong to India, Pak and have fans which are growing exponentially. Money isn't a problem as long as pages are legitimate and give us some clicks. :)
  13. M

    How To Not Get Into Legal Trouble - Facebook Nightmares..A request on How To Hide YourA$$

    So, basically, what are your techniques for hiding your a$$ on facebook. I have recently been coming across some threads about some spammers getting cease and desist letters from facebook or being sued big time. I realize that some of these spammers are in a different league than what most...
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