facebook email

  1. KartikJha

    [Giveaway] Leads from Facebook for your niche | 200 leads free for you :)

    Folks, I will be giving you emails and/or phone by scraping it from either Facebook page, groups, or keywords. 1. The Facebook group should be public. Don't give small groups. Try to find something above 15k 2. Emails and/or phone numbers from Facebook page's likers, commenters, and sharers...
  2. CalumAnderson

    Extract Email Address From Facebook Event

    Hi, There are lots of softwares to scrape emails and names from fan pages and groups but I want to scrape the emails of people who have clicked 'going' to a event. Does anyone know of a program or place that does this?
  3. som

    Facebook Representative

    Hey guys! I am currently looking for a facebook representative to help me with my account and something i am working on briefly. If you know a facebook representative or you are one please email me: [email protected] . Thank you, much appreciated!
  4. P

    Facebook ID/ Facebook Email to custom Audience?

    Hi I read an article here, where it was possible to make an Custom Audience from facebook emails or Facebook ID. But it isn't possible anymore this way... So my question is, how is it possible to make the Facebook Emails or IDs to an Custom Audience nowadays? Peter
  5. A

    I need 200 emails from fb users

    Hi all, I am supposed to get 200 emails from fb users (easy enough), but the catch is they all have to be based in Paris, FR and also be female, age 20-40. Do you have any tips for me to get this done? Thanks
  6. Q

    Real Facebook Email Scraper

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Facebook scraper which is able to scrape real email adresses from targeted Facebook users. I was using Facebook UID Scraper but since last Fb update, its functionallity is limited and I still want to be able to use emails to create custom audiences. Do you know...
  7. 1

    FB Lead Chef & Facebook UID/Email Crisis - Please Help!

    Hey Team! I wanted to ask if any has a solution to the current crisis we are experiencing on Facebook? Basically as on Jan 2015 we could no longer upload UIDs, the solution to this was we could upload facebook user emails, the kind that basically included a users username 'at' facebook. Then...
  8. D

    Facebook Email SPAM FILTER - Help! [email protected]

    BHW: It seems that some of you are still having success with email blasting scraped userID facebook emails, and having it forward to the person's actual email address. I tested the method, and I can get a simple email to forward. :clap2: However, when sending anything that even remotely seems...
  9. M

    Facebook your email was removed from your accout

    Hi i lost 3 Facebook accounts today all at the same time. i just am not 100% sure it was facebook that did it and was hoping someone knows if this is the way they do it when the take your account. 1) i went to log in to my one account and it said that i entered an old password which i did not...
  10. M

    How to use facebook email adresses to get most benefit?

    Alot of people says so facebook email is the same like simple email, I decided to try: I've send message from my google email to my facebook. Nothing happened: no notification, even after checking spam folder. I could get alot of facebook emails in my niche, but can not realise how to use...
  11. Capixaba Master

    Facebook ID's

    Hi, I need help with friends forum. I am looking sript or software for "Convert FB user ID to FB username & compound it in FB formated email" I can get targeted user ID in facebook. I scraper with the chrome extension facebook id's. Facebook format email ends with @facebook.com and the...
  12. T

    Send private message to fb or e-mail send [email protected]

    hi guys, I have same questions and problems as you have, it works to send e-mails to username facebook ? of a list not friends or any connection with that user. Also it;s there any auto bot to send instant messages to users from Facebook ? lets say load a list of facebook accounts and...
  13. J

    10000 Facebook email id's to download

    Hi, I am newbie here..I just added 10000 facebook email lists...you have to edit the file to get email addresses...may be 5 hour work..Easy to do... PM me for facebook email list..
  14. D

    How much should I charge for Facebook emails

    I am thinking of starting a sales thread where i will sell 50,000 facebook emails to only 10 people. This will be a test and if it works out i will be offerring 100,000 email packages with a guarrantee to only sell each package to 10 people. These email addresses are not mafia wars or mass add...
  15. B

    What happens if you overpass the 5000 friends?

    What happens in that case? Facebook doesn't add the new ones? For instance if I sent 6000 friend requests using the email adresses method (mass add) I am going to get the first 5000 friends that accept me? Is there any risk of having the account closed? I will be pleased if you can share your...
  16. N

    Imp! Email From Facebook Team For Facebook Page Owners

    Hi All, As a Facebook user i would like to share this email with all my friends which one of my friend has received from Facebook team. His facebook page have around 20K fans so facebook team has send him an email like:- "HI Our records indicate that you are currently the admin of a...
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