facebook deleted

  1. Chdead

    if your Personal Fb account got locked Check unusual IPs

    Hello Guys! I've been buying dropshipping fb ads for more than a year now and had more than $300k spent (no black hat) last month I had my personal fb account & more than 7 BM closed, my fb account kept Logging in/Logging out for almost an hour before everything collapsed and after fb...
  2. R

    Anyone who can Recover Deleted Facebook Page ?

    Looking for Facebook media Partners or someone who can recover my deleted Facebook page.
  3. J

    Delete FB account & Fan page

    Hi, This is easy money :p Need someone to delete someone FB account & Fan page :D PM me for details of the account and fan page ... not of the story why i wana do it :D
  4. B

    What happens if you overpass the 5000 friends?

    What happens in that case? Facebook doesn't add the new ones? For instance if I sent 6000 friend requests using the email adresses method (mass add) I am going to get the first 5000 friends that accept me? Is there any risk of having the account closed? I will be pleased if you can share your...
  5. B

    Facebook profiles...

    I am about to start a facebook campaign but I have some doubts: What is best to create a facebook profile? Where do you go to choose photos? Is it best to choose people that have their face hidden so as to avoid complains? Is it necessary to create a convincing 'life story' for methods...
  6. giveitlegs

    Facebook Advertising With A Direct Link?

    I just got hosed on FB last night. :( Bought 20 FB VCCs (from a couple of vendors from here). I'm an affiliate for MarketHealth and they're paying $35 for CPA on many of their offers. Used direct linkng to my teeth whitening URL, but I used a URL shortener in the FB URL space (I used...
  7. L

    Facebook account deleted any tips to get it back.

    Hello, So for my first post I have a question for the people here. A few days ago my main/personal facebook account was deleted by facebook, The reason facebook gave me for deleting my account was the following - "This account has been deleted because it construed to SPAM." The...
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