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Apr 12, 2015
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Hello Guys!
I've been buying dropshipping fb ads for more than a year now and had more than $300k spent (no black hat)
last month I had my personal fb account & more than 7 BM closed, my fb account kept Logging in/Logging out for almost an hour before everything collapsed and after fb deactivated my personal account I've downloaded my fb data from the (Download Your Information) button, and checked the security_and_login_information folder >> logins_and_logouts.html file to find out that there was an IPv6 (I believe it's a bot or maleware...) logging out from my account and it's from Singapore also the last time fb logged me out from my fb (before disabling it) and I logged in it told me that my last login location was from US and I'm in Morocco Did this happen to you too or just me?