facebook data

  1. L

    Looking for FB users database

    Looking for Facebook users database with IDs and user's info for the US.
  2. Adilpro

    Facebook phone numbers extractor

    Hi, I need help please in finding a tool that can extract phone numbers from accounts (fans of pages or groups members)
  3. Susanta Lohar

    [{HELP}] export Facebook group members

    Do anyone know the way to export group member's id/Last name that has 100K+ member?
  4. MisterF

    FaceBook Data Records

    Do you know just how much data / information FB hold about you and your activities? Sit down, brace yourself and check for yourself; On Facebook; Settings then on General settings then click on download a copy of your Facebook Data
  5. S

    How to extract all name / links to profile from Facebook messages

    Hello guys, Basically, there are thousands and thousands of potential customers I have had communication with in the last 6 months through a Facebook Page Message system. When I have loaded all their messages (and thus, in the left, can see all the name of the guys when scrolling up and down)...
  6. iAhmed

    [GIVEAWAY] FB Profiles public data

    Hey BHW members, Here's some data I had extracted it from USA Today facebook page. and here's the online link on Google spreadsheets ;) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fl9q-FbjaJ1AFb3fLfWW0I8Fv3_iGx8JtqTv5oTwraM/edit?usp=sharing 2 hours had been taken to extract huge number of...