facebook comment

  1. L

    Do Facebook have any filter for specific images?

    I've uploaded one image over thousand times, and it works fine until this morning. I don't think they banned my accounts by any text filters cause i used Random Digits for comment to avoid any filters. but since this morning, my accounts starts getting banned from Facebook when i upload that...
  2. E

    Facebook Comments

    need about 30 comments from different fb accounts, anyone?
  3. ellay

    [FREE] 10 comments to your youtube video/instagram,facebook post

    Hello. We are giving away 10 hand written comments to YouTube video, Instagram post, Facebook post, Twitter tweet or Vk post to every member of BHW. 1) Post in this thread if you are interested 2) Pm me your post link 3) We will add 10 comments (other activity is also possible) Thanks :)
  4. Alex D.

    Does google consider facebook comments as backlinks

    A lot of websites in my niche use Facebook Comments Plugin. I'm wondering if I post there would google consider it as backlink from that website? It looks like this:
  5. rocks11111

    G+,facebook,linkedin manual review needed

    I am looking for some one you have give me manual reviews in g+,facebook and linkedin. No bot or script reviews .
  6. F

    I need Facebook comments! Please help

    Hi, I need Facebook comments. I will provide txt file with comments in italian language, Italian users profile! Someone help me? Thanks a lot!
  7. P

    Facebook Comment in Top

    Hey guys. Do you know any way to rank comment on top in Facebook fanpage posts? Few months ago I tried facebook auto likers and it was working. But now most auto likers are dead beacause facebook make changes in app permission. Pleas suggest something if you have knowledge. Thanks!
  8. K

    Website Script for Facebook Comment

    Hi Friend, can anyone please advice what is the script behind that and where i can get it? Thanks
  9. HexamilesoftOfficial


    Hi BHW, We are sharing the unlimited comments code for console. Please use it on your own risk it can banned the comments from facebook. Simple post anything on Facebook user wall and go to the comments section click on the comments and right click to get console and paste the code with your...
  10. sikandar

    Footprints for blogs with Facebook comments

    Many blogs support Facebook comments. These comments get accepted instantly and can be great source of traffic to our FB pages. I am trying to compile various footprints for identifying such blogs where we can leave a comment by logging into our facebook account. I'd appreciate if you share...