facebook application

  1. Danny Crypto

    Earning through an application is still a good idea or not

    Hey guys just want to discuss something about android application and it's earning. I have an idea and it's related youth niche and it will be a boom if that application have facebook app and android app both. I was thinking about to create it by myself because it's not too complex the logic...
  2. HexamilesoftOfficial


    We are giving you FREE FACEBOOK PUBLISH ACTION SCRIPT VER:2.8. You can create apps and approve with this script easily. Download Script: http://viid.me/qegcZb Virus Total -...
  3. theIMMachine

    Facebook Users for a love related app

    Hi What are the ways to get more users for a facebook app ie, is the "love, relationship" niche.
  4. C

    Facebook US/Canada/UK/Australia users

    Hello, I have a bunch of facebook apps I'm trying to promote in order to get US/Canada/UK/Australia real and active users. Does anyone know any methods(preferably cheap) to get some traffic? I don't care about targeting, anyone will do, lol. Thanks for replying, cristi_berceanu
  5. avi619

    [GET]Collection of Facebook Viral Apps

    Hello fellow forumers, This thread is for the people who are into facebook marketing and building facebook apps. I thought of sharing facebook apps into one thread so that all people here can share and talk about them. Here is a list of apps that I have.All mediafire links. I request other...
  6. W

    Looking for Ap creator for facebook

    Im looking for someone who can create aps on facebook, this will be for several projects and ongoing work if this prove to be helpfull. a test is to be made and if this ap works, i want to hire for several ap creations each week on steady baces. I have been cheated here before so NO MONEY...
  7. M

    facebook app - wall posts - test out my app

    I just created fb app that posts to wall in two ways. 1) It posts as scheduled part. You write a text, add links or videos and it posts to your wall, friends or fan page in scheduled time and date. 2) Auto posts - If you log in to your fan page on a daily basis and post messages just to keep...
  8. K

    [FREE] Viral Facebook Scripts "List"?

    Hello Fellow Hats... Anyone who can help to find free facebook scripts? Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  9. affiliategoddess

    Promoting a CPA - FB application

    Hi everyone! This is my first time promoting a FB application. What is the most profitable way to do this? Make a a fan page or a group on FB? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated ;)
  10. james250

    I want arcade FB game app

    im looking arcade facebook game app, is anyone selling or make for me ? for more info PM me
  11. RootShellvb

    Facebook Games Apps JV $XX Daily : Provide hosting and Get 50% of Ads Revenues

    Hello Folks, This is my second successfully Joint Venture on BHW. If you have a strong web hosting, I mean : - VPS, Cloud or Dedicated hosting (1 OR 2 GB RAM is enough to start). - Json compatible. - PHP 5.X, MySQL 5.X The Deal : - You provide the hosting. - I upload and configure the...
  12. M

    Convert FB quiz app to iframe

    Here are the details: I have an outdated fb quiz app that needs to be converted to iframe. PM me the details you need from me, how much it will cost, and how long it might take?
  13. james250

    Im looking a app same like

    Im looking a facebook app same like app id=207737238125 or similar to this, my budget is low Skypr : Mereliable gtlk : mywatchmovie Thanks
  14. S

    Coder Required For facebook Viral App

    Hey friends, -I'm looking for a coder, who could edit my existing viral fb app script, (i.e) remove the footprints..due to which apps get deleted extremely quickly.. -I want to add 1 additional feature to it.. ******************************** -If u already have a custom app..mail me the...
  15. S

    need facebook application developer

    Hi, i need a facebook aplication developer, the goal is: --has various iframes facebook applications --people install it or to fan of it, them get and store some data of their, and publish into his wall, and in some (randomize) wall's friends --send communications (messages, publish in walls...
  16. james250

    Looking f a c e b o o k app

    looking Facebook apps for games same as mindjolt apps is anybody who can make apps for me
  17. A

    Profile and Page Roadmap Update

    Facebook Update: new 520 pixel width We announced plans last October to remove application boxes and application info sections as well as reduce the width of application tabs to optimize for the new profile and Facebook Pages format. We will be moving forward with these changes the week of...
  18. M

    FBML IFrame Coding Question

    When developing a facebook application that is based off of an iFrame: How do you re-size the app in height so 100% of the content is on the page so you don't have to scroll WITHIN the app? If anyone can provide any feedback on this, it is greatly appreciated. thank you
  19. xenoz

    Google App Inventor Simplifies Android Programming

    Thought this might be an interesting read for yall Google App Inventor Simplifies Android Programming http://www.informationweek.com/news/smb/mobile/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=225702880
  20. mystery

    Best Alternative To That All-In-One Facebook Tool That Went Down Recently ?

    Hello, does anyone know what might be the best alternative, to the all-in-one facebook software, ******************** ? Ok, the name has been censored... but we all know it... my question isn't related to it, but I'm looking for an alternative, that's all. I heard or read somewhere...
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