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  1. BionicMarketing

    BionicMarketing - Facebook Business Accounts with 250$ threshold - Custom Software

    BIONICMARKETING FB ACCOUNTS SOFTWARE PRESENTATION FAQ ( FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ) From which country are these accounts from ? They can be from a random EU country or from any other country Will I need a proxy to use them? Yes you will need a proxy, we don't sell proxies, but we can...
  2. S

    Facebook Ads Account Payment Solution!

    Do you struggling with facebook ads payment ? If yes i have a cool solution for you. You can use multiple ads account at low cost. Then you also can use facebook free credit. That whould be awesome for you. Just Send me PM. Or knock me on live chat. **************
  3. stevemib

    Is there a market for Organic FB accounts

    Hey guys n gals, Let me get into it and you guys tell me if there is a market for what I do. Ya these guys doing thousands of accts and spamming fzb are damaging a good thing. We understand its all about traffic to your offer but we also believe in the quality of traffic. One organic acct...
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