Is there a market for Organic FB accounts

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    Hey guys n gals,
    Let me get into it and you guys tell me if there is a market for what I do.

    Ya these guys doing thousands of accts and spamming fzb are damaging a good thing. We understand its all about traffic to your offer but we also believe in the quality of traffic. One organic acct can bring in thousands of dollars per month depending on your offer.

    It takes about 8hrs to set up one acct with 200-300 organic niche defined friends. You give us your niche and we focus on groups, fanpages and friend adds that are interested in your niche. Yes we are custom order! Its been much more successful than spamming facebook with a ton of sites with offerings like "free ipad" etc.

    UPDATE ( fb has implemented spider to find any offers with "free ipad"). Well also your spamming untargeted clients to your offer and your page will get shut down sooner or later. Yes its all about the list, we must build the list. Do you want a list of 1000s (which you have to pay aweber for) that are untargeted and move you to spam folder or do you want a list of targeted future clients that are interested in your product, service and future offers? What the heck is aweber for...building relationships! We do that from the beginning for you.

    Yes I know the bots use your current friends and then multiply that by ten. Boss I own outsource company, we have been there and done that! The guys from India...who you get the 5k friend accts from are just setting up the account and draining the friends from the 25-100 they set up and its probably not your niche. This is what we do.

    Each acct comes with 3+ profile pics, profile filled out and email acct. We join groups/clubs relevant to your niche, post on large group walls, answer some emails, and comment post replies. Basically everything a normal person would do. This is done over a 3day period to keep it organic as possible. We dont add any games/apps but we strongly suggest you join at least one game and add 10 friends to that app. This is to prevent the pic recognition sweep.

    We include Screen capture of info screen in case bday etc filters are implemented by fb. We also suggest that you use a proxy and keep that one proxy assigned to that acct. You can use the proxie on other accts also, just rotate. We have been using mrtornados proxies for along time with CL and now FB and they rock. No affiliate link here guys.

    Its just that logging in from same proxy/ip will add stability to the acct. That's from our years of experience on Cl. All our accounts are phone verified so captcha is not a challenge.

    1 acct 200-300 organic friends $20 (interested in your niche)

    10 acct 200-300 friends $175
    ***10 acct bonus*** " free" 10 twitter accts using FB profile"***

    100 friends additional $3 per. Basically $50 for acct with 1000 (time to deliver is talked about)

    We are almost overbooked but the transition from CL to FB has left some staff still in training. I personally handle all accts so you can comment me on that.
    Look forward to working with you.
    So how does that sound? I have a large staff im converting to FB and we have some slots avail. Would that lead into work? I know just half of my knowledge of FB could make an ebook but Im not into that. As Zig said "help people reach their dreams and yours just happen"....not exact words but you get my drift. Im here to help. FB is being so fricken nice to us I have to share.:cool:
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    Great doing business with this guy he delievered some quality accounts from a range of ages and sexes!
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