facebook ads affiliate

  1. Prosperato

    Facebook BH Campaign - Help Needed !

    Hi, I want to run CPA offers on Facebook. I know some fellow affiliates who are doing it and got some directions but it's all blurry for me right now and I am the asking the community for help. Basically I need to know everything from zero on how to run blackhat facebook campaigns. Hopefully...
  2. CThomasRaging

    Facebook Advertising Course - Affiliate Program?

    Hey, does anybody know if there is some Facebook Advertising course that has an affiliate program? I have found a decent amount of courses but they don't have affiliate programs. So I contacted them via "contact us" page or through FB messenger plugin but I am still waiting for answers. Thanks!
  3. M

    Learn more about fb ads..!

    I want to learn more about facebook advertising. Can you help me? Can somebody join me?
  4. Drought

    Facebook Ads + Clickbank Journey to $10,000/month

    Hey all, Wanted to start this thread to document my journey using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to affiliate offers, mainly Clickbank products. A quick about me: I'm a a college student living in Boston, currently working an in-house marketing position over the summer at a super cool tech...