facebook ad manager

  1. W

    FB ads URL Whitelist - Australia - Gambling and Gaming Flagged

    Our website URL is flagged and blocked by Facebook. We tried applying the Permit through facebook and taking ages. Been 25 days now. We have offical Permits to Run inside Australia but no help still from Facebook. So far the FB support is useless Any solution lads ????
  2. GringoMonkey

    HAF - Facebook B2B Lead Generation Ad Manager

    I am looking to hire a Facebook B2B Lead Generation Ad Manager, setup and ongoing fee negotiable. Contact me for more details. GM
  3. KittyTheArchitect

    Looking for an Expert - Facebook Ads Manager Ad Campaigns Help [Optimising FB]

    I need an expert to help me improving my Facebook Ads Manager and Ad campaigns. The work would require auditing and correcting existing settings, and assistance on setting up lookalike audience, retargeting, pixels, targeting through an email list and etc. Happy to pay hourly or to compete the...
  4. S

    Custom audience from Facebook user ids

    I have a large dataset of 9 million facebook user ids scraped from a third party application, which I am planning to segment based on other user data scraped from their accounts on this third party app. Can I create a custom audience from just the user ids? When I tried to upload a sample csv...
  5. B

    [WTH] A person who can approve CPA creatives/campaigns on Snapchat Ads

    Hi, I'm looking for a person who's familiar with running Snapchat Ads for CPA offers (not Ecommerce) and get them approved easily. I know how to use cloakers but I'm having a hard time to approve creatives/texts with their weird TOS. It can be either sweeps, email submits, dating or anything...
  6. S

    Facebook Ad Manager

    Hi BHW I am looking for someone with specific knowledge to consult and help set-up my FB ads. Currently my only source of traffic is via organic but now I am ready to target FB users. I have a 'how to find a cheating partner' website that does quite well sales wise from organic traffic, but...
  7. A

    Been losing a lot of Facebook ads account lately.. Anyone else facing this problem?

    Hi, Lately it seem my clients account been getting flagged for when adding a payment method & having a few days after warming the ad account with WH ads. Getting the "unusual activity" I'm guessing fb think the account holder is being hacked and want to verify their identity by asking for...
  8. S

    Rent/Lease Out Your Facebook Ad Account

    Every personal facebook account has an ads manager account associated with it. As a facebook advertising company, we would like to rent your ad account. You should know that all advertising through your ad account is anonymous (your name will not be associated with any of the ads we post)...
  9. DarkWolF15

    What i'm doing wrong in facebook ads?

    hello , this is my first ad on facebook but i don't see any thing on this! Clicks, impressions nothing Can someone explain me please? Thanks very much!
  10. N

    How do you reactivate an disable ad account ?

    One of my new Facebook accounts got disabled. I have contacted Facebook and got this response. What should I do to get back my ad account?
  11. StartupBros

    [Free Tool]Make Facebook Ads A/B Testing a Breeze

    Hey Havent seen this on BHW, so I thought I would share just in case. This webapp has been helping me with my Facebook A/B testing like nothing else. It is free, Im not affiliated with them, and its very useful. What it basically does is make FB ads by testing all combinations of Titles...
  12. blackma

    [Attention] FaceBook will start using your photos for...

    ATTENTION: On Friday, Facebook will start using your photos in ads that will appear on the profile page of your contacts. It's legal and is mentioned in the fine print when you create your account. TO stop this do the following: Account then Account Settings, Then click on Facebook...
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