facebook acccounts

  1. W

    Need bh FB runners

    Need FB runners for bh camp Please DM
  2. M

    BUY FACEBOOK accounts

    FACEBOOK Accounts were registered on real Android devices. Ukrainian mobile proxy (but we may to do which you want). Cookie in form JSON. Token EAAB (if Dolphin doesn’t accept, delete account and download again). The kit has two-step verification code 2FA. Accounts were verified by email. New...
  3. A

    Where can I buy a Facebook account or Tiktok

    I would like to buy a Facebook account to promote offers in groups. And a Tiktok account with 1000 followers to promote cpa offers
  4. Facebook BM ads


    1. Main service • Facebook advertising • Tiktok advertising • Sell accounts 2. Additional services • Cloak link • Provide proxies 3. Benefits Provide an unlimited number of accounts to ensure that the advertising campaign is smooth and uninterrupted for any reason. Provide RDP...
  5. Vasi Ciocan

    Does anyone know how to create multiple Facebook accounts without being blocked?

    Hello! I need some Facebook accounts to use later to promote CPA oferts. But every time I create an account, it is suspended for 30 days for verification. I want to know if there is a solution to avoid this. Thanks
  6. R

    facebook accounts with budget limit?

    all BM "Business Manager" created recently are coming with a budget limited to 50 dollars, and it doesn't let you create more than 1 account at bm, does anyone know how to solve it?
  7. ValerieMeshko

    Easyad - store of quality Facebook accounts

    Our account creation department creates hundreds of Facebook profiles every day specifically to meet your needs and goals. The quality of our accounts meets the high standards of the marketplace. Specifically: - Manual maintenance (30 days+). - 90+ live friends - Active correspondence - A fan...
  8. sercilo

    [JV] My services for media buyers + your clients/niche traffic

    Hello, I am a seller in BHW and I'm selling Facebook accounts and virtual cards. My target audience are active media buyers, mostly working in sensitive niches that need FB accounts and VCCs on the regular. I am looking for people to JV with, that can help me to get new customers. Ideally, you...
  9. D

    Facebook Indian Accounts.

    Hey I need old Facebook Indian accounts, like 500ish accounts or something, cheap price please.
  10. pj777777

    FFS FB!!! Locked out for over 12 months. Some advice pls guys.

    Hi Guys, A year ago I got locked out of my personal and business main account. Account was hacked and all pages/ groups were almost immediately closed due to violations against FB TOS. I appealed and they asked me to send verification data which I immediately did. So 12 months on and I've...
  11. sercilo

    Farmed Facebook Accounts For Running Facebook Ads

    Handmade & farmed Facebook accounts for running Facebook Ads About the accounts: Geo - Ukraine Phone verified We can receive Text message code if needed Access to the email Created and farmed from 14+ days Farmed without any software Added friends Added photos in the profile Added posts on the...
  12. flashsites

    Buy Meme Accounts and use?

    Hi I'd like to buy some high quality meme accounts on Twitter, insta, and FB but Im curious if this is a good model to follow to get traffic? I made meme accounts before on insta and they didnt seem to drive much traffic. Is this method still useful? If it is where can I find good quality...
  13. A

    Facebook blocked my private mail registration and so did twitter.

    Hi BHW fellow, something interesting happened recently: I tried creating an account on Facebook with my private mail ([email protected]) FB automatically blocked me, by sending a blank page. Not to even allow me to continue the registration or even ask for an email confirmation. while using...
  14. Q

    Facebook account warm up experts needed! :)

    Hi there, I want to build a team of professionals that has experience warming up HQ Facebook accounts. I will manage the team, provide the tools (ie Proxy, MLA etc) and a monthly retainer for your service. You need to have a strong computer and Skype availability. Cheers! :)
  15. aurifer999

    Need active FB accounts with marketplace

    Hey guys, where can I buy USA Facebook accounts with marketplace and decent activity with access to email address. Need 30-50 per month.
  16. secretunk

    Can you know Font that Facebook does not recognize

    Have you already met competitors' ads with fonts that Facebook does not recognize and junction service? It's simple, Unicode 10. What do we get? Using this technique, we will protect ourselves from spy services and with a very high probability Facebook will not be able to read and analyze the...
  17. Zhang Qiang

    Creat BM 80-80 Acc Unlimited

    First about BM 80: -BM 80 (Business Manager with 80 Acc Unlimited): This is acc quality suitable for WH Ads with 80 Acc Unlimited Spent( 5000$/day) *Next about resourse for creat BM80 -We need 1 BM has 1 account spent amount 300$ ( at least) for Whitehat Ads,Bill success 100% -We need 1 FB acc...
  18. Intexam

    How to create Facebook accounts in bulk and manage?

    Hi, I am trying to create 30+ Facebook accounts. I tried doing it manually by changing different IP, changing device ID in Bluestacks, and changing browser while registering each new one but my accounts got disabled immediately after code confirmation. Is there a way to create accounts in...
  19. HotAccounts

    Facebook Business Verifications

    Hello guys, hope you're find and everything is so far so good Everyday I'm getting more curious about busines verifications So far, we know that it could be with any domain or you can also go with shopify sites Also, there are 2 ways I only know up to this date 5/22/2020: One of them it's...
  20. E

    [METHOD] How to create 5 USD threshold fb accounts

    1. Head to facebook. and signup for a account (use your own ip) 2. Now go to create and create a page 3. Now head to the page and create a simple post anything like "hello" 4. You will see a boost post option under the post. click on it and change the audience (mandatory) 5. Set budget to $500...