1. N

    Trouble with Facebook Ads Spending and Cost per Result Goals

    Hello, everyone. I'm selling a product as a producer and using direct traffic through FB ads. However, when I set a cost per result goal for my campaign, it's not spending any money, and the campaign isn't running. If I deactivate it, Facebook spends $48, which is the cost of my product, just...
  2. M

    We have many Facebook clone accounts, how do we make money?

    Hello, we have many facebook accounts from 10,000 to 50,000 accounts weekly, how to make money from it?
  3. ficistays

    facebook marketplace

    Hey guys, the Facebook marketplace has banned me for posting my apple/ios products for sale. What's the issue? I've tried it on multiple accounts, but the ban remains. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. Marketoverflow

    What is the difference between "Post Boost" and "Awareness Campaign" ?

    "Post Boost" and "Awareness Campaign" are terms often used in the context of social media advertising, particularly on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While both aim to increase the visibility of your content, they serve different purposes: Post Boost: A "Post Boost" involves promoting...
  5. Green Bear

    [150 USD Only] Get Instagram Meta Verified On Your Desired Name And Profile Picture

    Hey BHW! Tired of struggling with account verification? Want to unlock the full potential of your Meta experience? Introducing our EXCLUSIVE monthly subscription service for META VERIFICATION ENABLED Instagram ACCOUNTS! For just a small monthly fee, you'll gain access to a verified Meta...
  6. Cleanhustle


    Anyone has experience with black hat google ads? I will pay you if you can help me with the setup.(no beginners) I already have: - Domains & Hosting - Aged google accs (blackhat) ( advise me which to buy) (i have my own sellers) - Cloaker(advise me which to buy) I need help with the tips and...
  7. R

    NEW Facebook or AGED Facebook

    Hi guys, Need to run some FB ads for something for a few days/weeks. Not sure whether it's best to buy aged account, or just create my own. I just created my own and it got suspended already. Created on 4g proxies + anti detect browser. Thanks
  8. J

    Most effective: B2B Dropshipping email list + FB Lookalike OR Regular FB Ads targetted to Dropshippers?

    Hello hello! Asking for advice here, I've a Saas that has tools for those who want to be dropshippers. I want to advertise this using FB. However I have a B2B email list of companies about dropshipping. Is it any advantage to using this email list + FB lookalike audiences over just regular FB...
  9. P

    I need a mass texting to DM FB facebook messages.

    Hi. I want to do a mass mailing to Facebook posts. What are the solutions and how much does it cost? In what form do I need to provide the base for the mailing?
  10. M

    Accovod vs anty.dolphin

    Could anyone recommend either of these over the other for using multiple gmail and facebook accounts? I would also like to use them for other social media accounts such as reddit if possible. I have proxies from proxy-store I got datacenter individual proxies for "all sites" if that makes any...
  11. TaylerColley

    Facebook auto reply bot?

    how to get it
  12. SeasonedCode

    multiple accounts logging

    how do platforms like Facebook or Instagram... know that you are opening many accounts and disabled them and how I can avoid that What should I do cause I do Cpa automation
  13. arc323

    Some Advanced Facebook Ads Tricks for a Post-iOS14 World

    I own a FB ads agency and have launched about 6 ecommerce brands (mostly dropship, but 1 inventory holding). For the agency side, we manage over $1M per month in ad spend for various clients, mostly ecom brands. I've learned a lot from BHW over the years. In fact, I've learned more here than...
  14. H

    Ask: How to download facebook friend backup photos

    Anyone please tell me how to download facebook friend backup photos? Thanks all.
  15. Affiliate3750

    LinkedIn Emails

    Hello Guys, i want to add to my custom audience new people, so i though , is there any way that i can get all the emails for specific company or organization from linkedin, is there any service do that ? i found one but i need to use it per person ( GetEmail ) any suggestions
  16. ugurbyr

    Facebook Marketplace really works! I have some questions about FB Marketplace

    I'm selling 10000 different products and i published 10 products on FB marketplace and more than 50 people saw my products and i got 2 messages so im planning to publish mass products.. like at least 500 products. but ive heard that Facebook bans people from marketplace for no reason. and im...
  17. ugurbyr

    Is there any way to find out how many people viewed my Facebook group posts?

    I want to know if there is a way to see how many impressions / views my Facebook group posts are getting in a day
  18. V

    How to post to all Social Media accounts at once ????

    Hi I am starting an e-commerce website, selling a specific product. I have created a facebook page, instagram a/c, pinterest & twitter a/c with same name. I will be posting new pics, varieties of my product daily, with links to my website. To speed up my work, is it possible to have same...
  19. M

    Monetize compilation on facebook

    Hey everyone! Hope you are doing Well. I found compilation video are not monetizable on Facebook. Is there a way to make them unique so it can be monetized with fb instream ads? Thanks
  20. A

    What bank gives unlimited cards that work with fb

    I keep reading posts about this magical bank account that you create with your LLC and gives you as many credit cards that work with fb as you want, they even give you custom names on the cards, but no one say their name, please if you know this company bank let us know.
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