1. J

    Hello BHW

    Hello Black hat world. A little introduction, I'm John Sokamar, I know about the website from some friends, I hope to be able to contribute and learn from the website.
  2. sane120

    Does Facebook cloaking worth it?

    Hi all, for facebook ad experts who are running grayhat CPA offers. What do you think about cloaking does it work nowadays do you have any working methods? I tried to create cloaking using user-agents, ips but it didn't work 3 accounts got disabled, I also tried to do the redirection using DNS...
  3. T

    Spend money on education

    Hi so i run ads for my business on Facebook its going ok, but i feel i need more information I run ads for my ecom store, i sell digital products who is the BEST out there so i can learn from? Thanks :)
  4. hunterzoho

    what is the best company providing real device service with antidetection and automation in creating 1k profile?

    what is the best company providing real device service with antidetection and automation in creating 1k profile? with diversity Android + IOS and support using 4g proxies i need recommendation based on an experience pls i don't want companies to track me pls #Help
  5. ankur0535

    Facebook Ads Learning Phase

    Hello All, I have created a facebook campaign for some local service, from 3 days it is in the learning phase and it is just destroying my budget but not leads are flowing in, can someone suggest anything for this? Thanks Ankur
  6. arthuditu

    Another super face generator

    I found another face generator. Additionally, we can give filters and even create a woman with a beard: D Best regards and I hope it will be useful again :) https://generated.photos/faces
  7. K

    someone VERIFY ME FOR 2K!

    Lets make some deals happen. I know someone needs that money right now who can verify me with that blue badge.
  8. Z

    What are the best sources to take photos for fake social-media accounts?

    Hello, looking for suggestions on fake account build. I know I can use instagram or facebook. But maybe there are some tools which could download whole stuff? What approach you think is the best?
  9. Zergawy

    Facebook W-9 tax form for payout

    Hey guys It's my first post so I'm sorry for any mistakes :weep: Anyone can help me what should I do in Tax form in Facebook payout information ? I'm using ad break but I'm not in USA so I should get W-9 Form USA and upload it so I can collect my money anyone can help with that ? Thanks..
  10. Malcuit

    SMM panel

    I really need a good Facebook video views smm panel. Am frustrated .If you know one, please share or PM me. Thanks
  11. E

    Need EU/US Facebook account with friends

    Hello, I want to buy 1-10 Facebook accounts from the EU or the US that are 1 year (or older) and have at least 500 friends and some regular activity. If you have some, add me on Sk ype: emmrold12
  12. iupdpcvm

    Facebook took my money and then disabled my account...

    Few days ago I added my payoneer card on facebook so I can start some ads. I wanted to add $150 to my balance and that's what I did. After refreshing the page Facebook blocked my account and asked for a picture of my face. I uploaded it, waited 3 days and when I logged in - ACCOUNT DISABLED -...
  13. Makemeproguys

    Facebook page name suggestions!need urgent help!

    Hey everybody I am making a Facebook page which is based and will target a particular city,but I am really confused can't find an awesome name for a city page Can anyone give me name suggestions? For example los Angeles but it's already taken and I need 1 or 2 word more after it to make it sound...
  14. I

    Looking to add members to my Facebook Groups... what is the best "blackhat" method?

    Hey BHW... Long time no talk! I'm looking to seriously grow my reach with FB Groups, and need to find someone, or some methods to help me do that fast. How can I leverage this awesome forum to do that? I had the idea of having a "fake" account go out and friend everyone in competing...
  15. B

    facebook post in groups

    how much of groups can i post in it in one day
  16. S

    How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts 2017

    How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts 2017 This trick going to help you in many things like looting some offer like ganna was providing per referral 50 rs mobile recharge, but this method requires 6-month-old Facebook account so you can loot unlimited.It will also help you advertising...
  17. D

    Books / Courses / Threads on CPA with FB Ads

    Can someone give me a link to a good book or course where i can learn about it.
  18. laconfidential

    (request) Little help with FB ADS ?

    Hey guys, quick question: how to make facebook ads super effective and targeted ? no matter how targeted i make them i always have around a mil users... (600k + sometimes) thats too much right ? what option do you guys use to target traffic ? also another weird question : Which group has the...
  19. V

    Newb to Newb giving back 1 trick, simple

    Hey gang just wanted to thank BHW here and just give back a little tip that has been helping me. Maybe you already use or or not simple really. I have been taking in a lot of knowledge here I just feel if I can help one guy/gal out there I will feel better instead of just being selfish pig...
  20. D

    Hi can somebody please tell me how to get a friend adder for facebook for mac?

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