1. ALdelta1

    Domains in other Languages

    I'm hunting for domains in other languages than English via DomCop and ExpiredDomains.net. Is there a way to filter the search for other languages or must I use particular sites with their own languages? Any suggestions for multi-language domain-drop sites?
  2. ALdelta1

    Domains in foreign languages

    I need to find domains in foreign languages. I'm using DomCop and ExpiredDomains.net and I dont know how to find domains in foreign languages on these sites. Preferably expiring domains but expired ones works just as well. Foreign language domain sites are welcomed. Languages looking for are...
  3. D

    My Expired Domain Has 5 Registrar Changes Over 16 Years is it bad ?

    My chosen expired domain has 5 registrar changes with 3 drops over the course of 16 years, is it bad ? Also the domain does not contain any backlinks or anchor text, Should i go with it? The Domain has my primary keyword, but finding available domains with backlinks is very hard in my niche...
  4. Bigcookies

    Expired Domains

    Is there a service where someone finds you good expired domains that are relevant to your niche? & If so can someone point me to them
  5. BuildMoreLinks

    [FREE Giveaway] - 2500+ Expired domains - from Ezine Articles - Ready to Register

    Hi Guys, I just finished scraping ezinearticles.com and found around 2500+ domains that are ready to be registered. You can use Namebright or GoDaddy and grab them for registration fees (around $5 to $9). The giveaway is for everyone. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Am1NjHlwORVu9m76pYENuuzYn-QL Also...
  6. yellowcat

    expireddomains.net scraping script [Python]

    Made a quick script today to scrape expireddomains.net (Hacked it together in 10 mins don't judge) Simply just go to expireddomains enter in your search query and click search. Replace "URL_HERE" with your url Here's a sample url...