expired domain

  1. O

    Where Buy Expired or Aged Domain

    Hello guys where is the best place to buy expired domain or aged domain ? if can i want buy now so it have fixed price thankyou
  2. Pam Danny

    $30 Affordable SEO Expired Domains with Good DA/PA, TF/CF & Easy to Rank

    OUR HISTORY Over the past months, we've been building Topical Authority Blogs for various clients around the world. The experience of having bought over 270 expired domains and built ranking blogs on them has enabled us to understand which domain metrics are more important to rank high on SERPs...
  3. robin222

    About 301 redirection of expired domain names

    I have a question. After 301 redirecting the expired domain name to the Acquisition Page of the niche website, the number of anchor texts of the expired domain name exceeds the number of anchor texts of the original niche website. Is it necessary to increase the brand word anchor of the anchor...
  4. javadth

    where to find a good and useful expired domain for free or cheap ???

    HI I wanted to start a ball bearing related website so as always I started to look for a good expired domain first I started to manually check some websites for expired domains, crawling some websites and checking links I gathered some keywords and used them to scrapebox then I started to...
  5. J

    Restaurant Expired Domain with AI

    Hi, I bought not long time ago an expired domain with good authority. It turn out that it was an old restaurant that close so I recovered the old pages with link and traffic, and thats IT. Now I am ranking really well with just 10 pages, lots of click, but the problem, here is that is...
  6. okagoogle

    Should I purchase this domain or not?

    I found a domain on Spamzilla and done some research on it. However, it recently expired just a few weeks ago, and it's a perfect fit for my niche. Interestingly, the same person has opened a similar website with a .uk extension. Nevertheless, the .net version is still available. I'm unsure...
  7. Demoxing

    Is SpamZilla Worth It?

    I've been using ExpiredDomains.net for a while to find expired domains, but I've run into a lot of spammy domains lately. It got me thinking about trying something new, and that's when I came across SpamZilla. Has anyone here tried SpamZilla for finding expired domains? Is it worth the...
  8. okagoogle

    New or Used for Hosting Business?

    Should I purchase an expired domain for my web hosting business or go for a new one?
  9. MadsDK

    The best way to preserve an expired domain's backlinks without restoring the linked pages?

    Hello, you lovely people. I have just bought a domain with 600 RDs, but with many links pointing to "domain.com/shop/noegleringe-71s1.html" etc. What is the best way to preserve these links without manually re-creating all the pages? Would a redirect to the front page be effective enough or...
  10. Balanced Domains

    Balanced Domains

    Guntater's Balanced Domains
  11. Guntater

    ⚖️ Balanced Domains █ █ Great Stats: DA > 20, DR > 20 █ █ Popular Niches! █ █

    After years of conflict, Moz and Ahrefs fans can lay down their arms. Fact: Top 1000 sites on the internet have a high score in both DA (Domain Authority by Moz) and DR (Domain Rating by Ahrefs). "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be." -Thanos Having one stat too high and the other...
  12. Demoxing

    Expired Domains: Still Effective?

    Are expired domains still worth it in 2023? Share your insights and tips on evaluating them before purchase. Also, any working bulk DA/PA checkers to recommend? Looking forward to your input!
  13. Elliot's

    Question about expired domains

    hello, I just bought an expired domain. after I checked the domain was redirected 301 to the gambling website. Is it safe for my money site if I redirect 301 directly to the money site? or do I have to create a website and articles to an expired domain and then redirect to the money site after a...
  14. jefis

    ✅Authority.Domains -> Expired Domains with Backlinks from Authority Websites. Perfect for 301 or PBN's

    [What are Expired Domains?] Expired domains are especially attractive due to crucial SEO factors primarily associated with an existing backlink profile. What to do with them? 301 Redirect an Expired Domain to Your Site (a great way to boost your rank in the search engines) Start Your Website...
  15. pepekobasa

    Expired Domains with good/high DR ahrefts

    Hello guys, I am looking for a expired domain that has good DR ahrefs rating under: - Jobrecruitment, career recruitment, HR, niche - Essential oils niche Any price will do but I will check of course which offers has a good price and value. Cheers!
  16. Norman_drey

    DA compare between ahref, semrush and ubersuggest on expired domain

    I found an expired domain on expired domains.net I picked interest in it so I checked it on ahref, semrush and ubersuggest, this is what I found Ahref Semrush Ubersuggest On semrush I found out that the domain has dropped organic search since 2014. Should I be worried? so the...
  17. Norman_drey

    Is it better to use an expired domain or 301 to new Domain

    Between buying an expired domain for 301 redirect to your new domain Or Buying an expired domain and use as an authority blog? Which would be considered a good idea in terms of getting good and quick ranking on Google?
  18. Oakman

    How to recreate these pages from an expired domain without using the same ugly permalink structure for the whole website?

    So I bought an expired domain that fits my niche perfectly for a new site I'm gonna build. The domain has some interesting backlinks I want to take advantage of. I've read it's good practice to restore the pages/posts that these links are pointing at, at least for a while. The issue is that...
  19. TheMarquis

    Texas Media Properties can’t get TexasMediaProperties.com via the UDRP process

    A nice precedent was set for the expired domains's buyers. Texas Media Properties LLC failed to acquire the domain TexasMediaProperties[.]com via the UDRP process, as the term is purely descriptive of “Texas media properties.” The WIPO panelist noted: Complainant has not carried its burden to...
  20. Noah3

    Can website built from expired domain with high authority site without traffic make good backlink?

    If I have a website with high authority but no traffic because it was an expired domain that I recently acquired, (btw I rebuilt the website design and content exactly as it was before with waybackmachine) can I sell links from this website? I want to know if Google only considers the authority...
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