expired domain

  1. Aditya Verma

    301 Expired Domain that Had Penalty Before

    Hey everyone, Recently I bought a high quality expired domain that was dropped 3 times, I am the 4th owner of the domain. After adding the domain to GWC I figured out that the domin had a penalty before (Spammy content) but the 3rd owner lifted up the penalty and now it has no penalty but after...
  2. CrazeWiz

    [Guide] How to find good expired/dropped domains for your PBN, niche site, mini site, resale, 301, or redirect from expireddomains

    Hello BHW members! In the spirit of BHW where I have learned so much, it is time to give back. Plus it's Christmas, it's Friday night here for me, I was naughty and got a BHW infraction for a silly mistake, and of course everyone is getting f**ked by Covid and not everyone is lucky enough to...
  3. Faizal Khan

    Where to sell Expired Domains?

    Hello Folks, I have a question regarding expired domains. I got 3 good expired domains and I want to sell them, anyone knows where to sell them? Any recommendation will be appreciated. TIA
  4. MKSKS

    Found A Non Expired Domain Great Backlink Profile

    I found a great domain last week while looking for expired domain in education niche. The metrics were great so was the backlink profile and anchors were also clean although not in education niche. Everything was great here but.... wayback didn't had any results which was strange. I registered...
  5. H

    Ex Gov Expired Domains with previous 302 redirect

    Hello guys, I have interesting case with expired domain. Information Domain age 20 Ex domain used from the goverment ( with .com) Ii was prevous redirected with 302 to the new domain I will create similar content and internal structure Will bump the domain with some good links from local...
  6. D

    No results in google but GSC shows links indexed and impressions

    I bought an expired domain, and started posting a lot of posts. In the beginning it was indexing without any problems, but after about a week, when I search site:mydomain.com, I don't get any results. I don't have any penalties in GSC, and GSC says I have a lot of posts indexed in the "coverage"...
  7. Rollfic

    Expired Domain: Are these Spam?

    Hello, trying to analyze this domain if the backlinks are spam or not (I am not good at this), so please help me on this: Ahrefs Stats: DR = 65, Over 650k backlinks (93% do follow), Over 8k referring domains (74% do follow)
  8. cubitly

    I want to start working in my expired domain again

    I have a good expired domain with good links I worked few days and every posts were ranking on 1st day of index in 2nd, third page but it used to go down in few days. Then I ordered some comment and forum backlinks, and every post got disappeared from the serp (Not site just rankings) I got...
  9. Repose

    Would you buy a domain name that has a hyphen in it?

    Like: domain-name(dot)com I'm curious what you guys think. I know a hyphen has zero effects on SEO, but what about user trust? Does it look spammy and drive people away? And what if it's an expired domain with good backlinks and DR? Would you buy?
  10. cloakme

    ❇️ DA Based Niche PBN Full Setup ❇️ Expired Domain ✅ Premium Aged Domain ⭐ RD Upto 100+ ✅ 15% OFF ✅

    Cloakme Presents PBN Full Setup !! Upto 5+ Year Aged Domains with RD Upto 100+ DA Upto 30+ Premium Aged Domain Full Setup Get Your More Powerful Expired Domains Here...
  11. janist

    How to 301 an expired domain (Guide)

    So, you want to know how you can leverage the power of an expired domain by using 301 redirects? Sweet, then this post is for you. We'll show you exactly how to create 301 to improve the rankings of our money sites while mitigating some of the virtual risks. Let's dig in. 1 - Domain Analysis...
  12. QualityService


    GET QUALITY EXPIRED DOMAINS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: AHREF DR Based Domains: We base our domains on DR & TF as DA is pretty much useless now All are already registered at various registrars. So domain cost is inclusive of the price. Apart from Major LTD’s like .com,net,org...
  13. Seita

    Is it possible to rank expired domains which was used as adult site?

    Hello Guy's, I bought an expired domain last year. It has PA-24 and DA - 22. And have do-follow backlinks from an authority site (Huffington post). I didn't know much about how to check expired domains history at that time. Later on, I found that someone used this domain as a Chinese porn site...
  14. ColdAndDark

    Pass this expired domain?

    At a first look, this expired domain looks good, no toxic backlinks, no spam, good DA and all. But here are a couple of things I found weird: 1. I did a site:domain.com search on Google and just found 1 weird page indexed (off topic and in Japanese language) 2. Semrush report shows that the...
  15. Turbo B.

    POLL: Irrelevant expired domains - 301 or PBN ?

    So niche irrelevant expired domains with good backlinks - 301 or PBN ?
  16. R

    Hey guys i need about Expired Domain!!!!

    Hey guys, I want to buy an expired domain but I don't have any idea about an expired domain.. So can anyone help how I can purchase an expired domain and what are the measurement should I take before I purchase an expired domain. Please share your guidence..
  17. HeadOfSeo

    Catchy Expired/Blog Domain Names

    Here is list Catchy Expired Domain Names for your future website. All domain are available, Just grab and register and its Your'sssss..... HaltUp.com LastPlot.com NeedZoo.com LastPlot.com DesLoo.com SeoFoot.com Looddo.com LuckQuiz.com YogasMat.com LamborGenie.com PornBeet.com HomesMovies.com...
  18. almanula

    Expired Domain Question

    I have an expired domain that was part of a Government project that they shut down. It is a country-specific domain and has good backlinks from the likes of BBC, CNN, Forbes, Wikipedia, and any other major news publisher in the world. It is has a DA of 63 on Ahrefs. All are pointing to the...
  19. harrywilliams

    An Expired Fallen Domain as the Money Site

    I recently bought a domain with 545 referring domains and 3.74K backlinks. Even it shows only 3.2 DR on Ahrefs, it had been 24 once. There has been a huge lost in referring domains in past months. According to SEMRush there is still 31 domain authority. Is it a bad idea to try...
  20. seojen

    Can a Domain with 60 Spam Score Rank on Google ?

    I have a domain name high DA but it also has a spam score of 61, do you think I can still use it and be able to rank on Google without being penalized. Has anyone else used a domain with such high spam score and still be able to rank? Any experience/suggestion about this is welcome.