expired domain crawling

  1. Mahir khan

    ➤ $30 Per domain- Quality Expired Domain with Strong Link Profile for New site/ PBN/ 301 ✔️✔️

    ➤ Quality Cheap Cost Expired Domain with Strong Link Profile for New site/ PBN/ 301 $30 Per domain! ✔️✔️ Some of the Screenshots of the link profile EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: $30 per domain High authority DA PA based Strong link profile WHAT CAN YOU USE THESE DOMAINS FOR? You can use...
  2. Alex Radcliffe

    expireddomains.net Alternatives?

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any good alternatives to expireddomains which are useful? P.S. - I already know about Ahrefs broken link method to get expired domains but that takes time, was wondering if someone knows any good website? Free or Paid. Thanks :)
  3. K

    Aptusbyte Domain Miner - Flexible Domain Scraper

    Aptusbyte Domain Miner Introducing a fast, affordable and easy to use domain scraper. With Aptusbyte Domain Miner, scraping domains is as simple as it gets. What It Does In a nutshell. Aptusbyte Domain Miner is a program that helps you find powerful domains on the Internet that you can...
  4. Sk. Sabbir

    Require High Quality & Niche Relevant Expired Domain

    Hey Black Hat People, I need your help. I am the owner of a musical instrument related blog. Recently I have decided to redirect an expired domain to my home page. To complete the redirection i need a expired domain which have a good backlink and anchor text profile. Please don’t suggest me...
  5. Wessal Adel

    after doing 301 redirect expired domain

    I found an expired domain with good metrics the same niche clean backlink profile average TF and DA, high RD good anchor distribution still indexed by Google then I do 301 redirect from this domain to my new website after doing this the new content on my website don't index and my results...
  6. andy1456

    Expired domains

    Which is the best and effective tool to get expired domains? There are so many out there and it is very confusing..
  7. N

    [Livestream] My Quest to Provide Free Expired Domains

    Hey guys, thanks for stopping by and checking out this journey. This one is going to be a little bit different from the typical journey thread. Everyday I will be livestreaming some expired domain crawling on youtube. Everything is free for the viewer, so feel free to stop by and see if there...
  8. badasscoder

    Domainlord - Blazing Fast Expired Domains And Web 2.0 Finder @ $67 For Limited Time

    Get A Copy Of Domainlord For Only $67 For Limited Time *** DOMAIN LORD *** Blazing Fast Expired Domains And Web 2.0 Finder Tired of spending hours and hours finding expired domains? Or paying for expensive monthly subscriptions for finding domains? Whether you're new or an experienced vet...
  9. Dev Warrior

    Building & use PBNs for link building is a Black Hat SEO Technique. Is It A Myth or NOT?

    Let's see the responses! I have built a 1-click software DDominator to find niche relevant high authority expired domains and will soon create a sales thread here on BHW as well. I just read somewhere on internet that Creating & using PBNs for backlinking your website is NOT a Black Hat...
  10. warriorsam53

    Find hundreds of expired domains in 5 minutes for 5 bucks

    I stumbled upon this method while I was checking out the backlink profile of some domains on AHREFS. I found and registered 4 really good domains in a couple of hours. I?m sure the method is already out there but I couldn?t find it on Google or BHW. Sorry if it?s already been posted before...
  11. R

    Finding Cheap High PR Expired Domains - Step By Step Tutorial

    A few threads on this subject have been opened recently, so I wanted to address this. Just a brief intro - this tutorial will basically show you how you can find cheap (around ~$10) high PR expired domains using only 100% free tools that you can find and download from the Internet. Yep, you...
  12. R

    [Step-By-Step Tutorial] Finding Cheap High Quality Expired Domains

    There are countless domains getting dropped by registrars every day and while most of them are caught by drop catching services, some make it to the graveyard. This tutorial shows you how you can find them, and then tell if a certain expired domain is actually worth registering. Only free tools...
  13. A

    Crawl the Internet for Expired Domains and Build Your PBN for < $100

    Click Here to Go to DomainMining.co FAQ Do we offer a trial? Yes we do. For $19 you can try out the full version. Why don?t you offer a free trial? Because we?re trying to keep away the tire kickers Do you offer refunds? No. Why not? Because you can try it before you buy...
  14. regicider

    Free Expired Domain Crawling with 80Legs

    I feel like it?s high time that I start giving back to the community, so I thought I?d share a new method for expired domain crawling. We will utilize a cloud-based web crawling service, called 80Legs, and some software that I?ve written, which you can download for free here. If you?re more of a...
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