expired content

  1. lewo

    AI Content or Expired Content?

    Pretty much as the title suggests....with ChatGPT revolutionising how content is created, I'm curious to what people think about expired content and if there is still a place for it?
  2. mylastvacation

    Expired Article Scraper Starting At $20

    It’s the year 2023 on planet earth. The end of the world is near. Inflation is through the roof, global warming, unemployment and cannibalism are always on the rise. A deadly virus has recently killed millions of people around the world. A crowd of angry protesters gathered outside BHW...
  3. IYASS


    BUY EXPIRED ARTICLES FOR ONLY $0.50! Stop using generated, spun, or low-quality content, we offer high-quality unique expired articles at a cheap price that passed Grammarly Plagiarism. FEATURES: ✅ 500 - 3000 words articles. ✅ Most articles are written by native writers. ✅ Unique &...
  4. MrOusho

    Content Fish

    The ownership of this thread has been transferred to another user. For further information on the transfer please visit https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/content-fish.1285308/page-4#post-14240716 DD - 14th April 2021 Disclaimer: For transparency reasons, @MrOusho, @AlekhyaDas, @mylastvacation...
  5. I

    Is there any solution to restore an entire website of an expired domain for free ?

    Hi. I just bought an expired domain and want to restore the website to its original structure. I want to retain the URL structure of the website so that all its backlinks remains relevant. I saw an option to download the whole website in "waybackmachinedownloader" but it takes around 15 bucks...
  6. digitalgeckos


    Ten spots only. What will you get? A straightforward software interface (drag and drop) with rocket speed and unique market features A chrome extension A tutorial on how to do it Requirments Windows only You need Chrome browser Java installed Grammarly accounts (for plagiarism checking)...
  7. homeriscool

    Is It Safe to Use Expired Website Content?

    Hi all, I had a website that expired last year that had a bunch of good quality content on it. I forget to renew domain. Am I safe to build a new site using that same content? I've done a copyscape check just to make and there are no duplicates. I am bit concerned about rankings though...
  8. IG Professor

    [Method] Get HQ content from EXPIRED Domains in Zero cost.

    Hey boysss.. Few days ago I figured out a great idea to get HQ content for free. At first, I was thinking maybe I should sell expired articles and keep it for myself since this is considered as a golden nugget content. But... I prefer to give something back to the community; So they can use it...
  9. D

    Is it safe to use expired content from expired domains?

    Recently I have been adding some content from expired domains because the content was unique (already checked with copyspace). Since the content will be used for a money site, I am worried if its copyrighted as i dont want to deal with copyright issues. The domain expired recently, and when I...
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