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  1. IYASS


    BUY EXPIRED ARTICLES FOR ONLY $0.50! Stop using generated, spun, or low-quality content, we offer high-quality unique expired articles at a cheap price that passed Grammarly Plagiarism. FEATURES: ✅ 500 - 3000 words articles. ✅ Most articles are written by native writers. ✅ Unique &...
  2. MrOusho

    Content Fish

    The ownership of this thread has been transferred to another user. For further information on the transfer please visit https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/content-fish.1285308/page-4#post-14240716 DD - 14th April 2021 Disclaimer: For transparency reasons, @MrOusho, @AlekhyaDas, @mylastvacation...
  3. I

    Is there any solution to restore an entire website of an expired domain for free ?

    Hi. I just bought an expired domain and want to restore the website to its original structure. I want to retain the URL structure of the website so that all its backlinks remains relevant. I saw an option to download the whole website in "waybackmachinedownloader" but it takes around 15 bucks...
  4. homeriscool

    Is It Safe to Use Expired Website Content?

    Hi all, I had a website that expired last year that had a bunch of good quality content on it. I forget to renew domain. Am I safe to build a new site using that same content? I've done a copyscape check just to make and there are no duplicates. I am bit concerned about rankings though...
  5. IG Professor

    [Method] Get HQ content from EXPIRED Domains in Zero cost.

    Hey boysss.. Few days ago I figured out a great idea to get HQ content for free. At first, I was thinking maybe I should sell expired articles and keep it for myself since this is considered as a golden nugget content. But... I prefer to give something back to the community; So they can use it...
  6. D

    Is it safe to use expired content from expired domains?

    Recently I have been adding some content from expired domains because the content was unique (already checked with copyspace). Since the content will be used for a money site, I am worried if its copyrighted as i dont want to deal with copyright issues. The domain expired recently, and when I...