1. javadth

    which domain is better ?

    hi today I found 2 expired domain for my health niche website please help me choose one of them based their metrics domain A : .net Moz : Domain Authority: 11 Linking Domains 11 Inbound Links 255 Spam Score 38 % ahrefs Domain Rating 22 Backlinks: 189 , 99% ******** Referring domains: 11...
  2. javadth

    PBN or 301 REDIRECT ?

    hi people recently found almost 10 domain with good backlink ratio and related anchor to my niche I was thinking which is the best use of them? make a pbn with them which need some costs and time or redirect them to my main website? this domains are 50% related to my niche other 50% is also...
  3. hardik9099

    Expired domain 50+DA but not niche relevant

    I bought an expired domain with good link profile at very low cost. but currently, it is not in the niche I am looking for. is it ok to add different content rather than what was posted in old site? old content is education related. I have money site in electronics niche. option 1: i...
  4. 420friendly

    Google unatural links detected - site recovered!

    If you got a unnatural links email in your webmaster tools, has your site recovered. If so what did you do if anything and time it took to recover from the penalty. Please only post if you have had success with the penalty going away and getting your spot back or better ;) Cheers Mates!
  5. W

    Code snippit: trial expire

    //================================================================================== int daysInMonth( int curMonth ) { if ( curMonth == 1 || curMonth == 3 || curMonth == 5 || curMonth == 7 || curMonth == 8 || curMonth == 10 || curMonth == 12) return 31; else if ( !(...