ewhore help

  1. mugmug

    Any good CPA Network that accepts chat traffic?

    Hey guys, I'm planning to get back to e-whoring. I'd like to know if there is any good CPA Network that allows chat traffic. I've been searching but most answers are vague. so, please can someone point me to a CPA network that accepts chat traffic? Thanks.
  2. Munni

    Looking for eWhore Pack

    I am looking for eWhore Packs. Not only pics & vids but also Cams. Actually I am looking for eWhore HQ Cam Packs. If any one willing to share I will be thankful. If any want want to sell Give me proof of quality, If I like I will must buy that pack. Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad...
  3. S

    Twitter and Cam Sites Method :Ewhoring help

    Hi Friends, I saw lots of people posting here about the success in twitter and CamSites method for last few months I'm Using the same but facing problem in conversion My and sharing my method here please suggest if you find and problem in the method and how can i cure it . I created a twitter...
  4. S

    Need Help - Twitter and adult traffic

    Hi Friends, I started using cam site and twitter traffic method a few months ago for this I was using chaturbate affiliate but I am not able to get any conversions I am sharing my stats below please suggest me how can i improve conversions is there any method for this. I am looking for a...
  5. supermoon

    [Wanted] Adult affiliate network with weekly pay

    As the title say I am looking for recommendations for a network that pays weekly and preferably through Payoneer. They should also allow chat traffic and such spammy methods.
  6. Y

    What do cheques from e-whoring look like?

    Im thinking of e-whoring but all i want to know is what the cheques/mail looks like because I am still living with my parents and dont want them to be like wtf. Also would the cheques work in the U.K?
  7. N

    Lanched a Landing Page And made my friend some $$$$

    At first I typed Alot....But if your like me...I want things right to the point....Okay Point is....In a couple of hours I made my friend around 48.00 dollars off a landing page I designed and sat him down on his computer with friendblaster blasting the hell out of 14-17 yr old horny teens...
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